Catholic bench mobilizes actions against ADPF 442, says Eros Biondini

Catholic bench mobilizes actions against ADPF 442, says Eros Biondini

The president of the Catholic bench in the Chamber of Deputies, federal deputy Eros Biondini (PL-MG), said this Tuesday (19) that Catholic deputies are mobilized to prevent the legalization of abortion in Brazil.

According to Biondini, the bench has worked to make the Federal Supreme Court (STF) aware not to judge ADPF 442, which attempts to decriminalize abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy.

“We are tirelessly monitoring and acting against the absurdity of ADPF 442. We do not accept this process in any way. The CNBB has already taken a stance against it and society has also taken a stand, making a cry for this action not to be guided,” he told Gazeta do Povo.

The deputy from Minas Gerais also informed that the National Congress has not been silent in relation to the issue of abortion, so that the matter can be defined by the STF. “We have been discussing this issue day in and day out and there is no omission on the part of Congress. There are many projects for and against abortion, such as the Unborn Child Statute, being discussed in committees and it is not up to the Supreme Court to legislate”, he reinforces.

Biondini also mentioned the risk of a eugenics process, if the STF approves ADPF 442, like what happened in other countries, where abortion was allowed until the 12th week of pregnancy. “Countries that have already legalized abortion are in the process of extensive eugenics – because babies who are identified with some abnormality while still in the mother’s womb – their lives end up being interrupted and this is compared to Nazism”, he adds.

National mobilization against abortion

Aiming to reinforce the opposing position of the majority of the Brazilian population against abortion, the deputy said that a national mobilization in defense of the life of the unborn child will take place on October 29th. “We call on everyone to participate, as we do not want our generation to be marked by this scourge of abortion,” he says.

ADPF 442 was released by the president of the STF, minister Rosa Weber, but there is still no date for the trial. According to the proposal, it would be legal to have an abortion up to 12 weeks of gestation, regardless of the circumstances.

Current Brazilian legislation allows abortion only in three specific situations: risk of death for the mother; in pregnancy resulting from rape; or if the fetus suffers from anencephaly.

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