Canal Hipcritas confirms preventive detention of comedian in Paraguay

Canal Hipcritas confirms preventive detention of comedian in Paraguay

The Hypocrites channel did a live this Friday night (17) confirming the arrest of comedian Bismarck Fugazza in Paraguay earlier. According to humorists Paulo Souza and Augusto Pacheco, Fugazza was surprised by the police in Paraguay, and because he did not have an authorized asylum request, he was taken to the Federal Police in Brazil, where he is awaiting the procedures for preventive detention.

Fugazza had left Brazil in December last year to avoid being arrested, by order of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). He participated in pro-Bolsonaro demonstrations and against the inauguration of the elected president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). And he was also at the camp in front of the Army HQ, in Brasília.

“What we know, so far, is that he is in Brazil with the federal police, and now he will wait for the procedures of the 5-day preventive detention”, highlighted the comedians.

According to some lawyers, heard by the comedians, “nothing has yet been formalized” and the “arrest is illegal”.

“There is no due process of law to arrest, there is nothing formalized and we do not know what the charge is. Perhaps involvement in demonstrations last year, which is speculated to be anti-democratic acts or crimes of opinion, something like that,” they said.

In the live, the comedians also reported that the journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio was with Bismarck in Paraguay, and was one of the targets of the arrest, but because he had the asylum request, he was not detained.

Comedians denounced Moraes at the Inter-American Court

In December of last year, before Minister Alexandre de Moraes decreed the arrest of the comedians, Bismarck Fugazza and Paulo Souza denounced Moraes to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. They accused the magistrate of violating “the rights of freedom of expression” in the country, with “several temporary arrests illegally enacted”.

In the action, they also denounced the application of fines to Brazilians and restrictions on social networks, without due process of law.

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