Calm down, the team is hers – 11/18/2023 – Juca Kfouri

Calm down, the team is hers – 11/18/2023 – Juca Kfouri

Now, the Brazilian team lost, like never before, for the second time in a row in the Qualifiers.

Firstly, for Uruguay, which does not dishonor any team in the world. Uruguay that broke Argentina’s unbeaten record and in the Bombonera. Follow the game.

Being defeated by Colombia is also far from alarming, as it won’t be if Argentina wins at Maracanã, on Tuesday (21), even if a third consecutive defeat is something we don’t know about.

Let’s remember that in Barranquilla the 15th meeting with the Colombians took place in the Qualifiers, and, although it was the opponents’ first victory, there were seven draws in the clashes. It hasn’t been easy.

The hassles ended a long time ago, and even Venezuela makes life difficult for bogeymen.

The night experienced by Luis Díaz, in all proportions, recalled Zinédine Zidane’s devastating performance against Brazil in the German Cup in 2006.

If the Frenchman that night dismantled Ronaldos&Cia with the genius of one of the greatest architects in the history of world football, Díaz’s impetuosity destroyed the Brazilian defense on the ground and in the air, in addition to exposing the marking deficiencies of both Emerson Royal and Renan Lodi on the sides of the field.

As a bonus, he also got into the middle of the defense to score two goals with his head, as his Liverpool teammate, goalkeeper Alisson, insisted on stopping him from scoring with his feet.

The issue that is important to discuss is another.

What does CBF expect from Fernando Diniz?

Now —again—, President Ednaldo Rodrigues has never hidden it: he wants the team capable of playing like a Brazilian, light, loose, cheerful and mischievous.

When choosing Diniz, he knew that the coach, especially with a specific deadline, would not give up on imposing his brand.

If there was a lack of logic, coherence, because waiting for Carlo Ancelotti, who has nothing to do with the so-called dynamism, this is a problem for the CBF top hat, never for the coach.

The team played five magical minutes at the beginning of the match and overcame the clear play of the second half in Colombia, back and forth, vertical, zero slowness, in a game that was good to watch.

Now —for the third time—, is what we are looking for renewal? Want more, even with Endrick’s debut? No center forward in the starting lineup? 4-2-4? Hello!

Only the weak feel the fear of being left out of the 2026 World Cup, and the fifth game under Diniz’s command revealed the best moments in his short stint with the CBF team.

To say that the team always has to qualify with its feet on its back like it did with Tite is to ignore history, because even when it won the fourth and fifth championship, it only stamped its passport for the United States, and for Asia, in the final round, against Uruguay, at Maracanã, and against Venezuela, in São Luís, at Castelão there.

Waiting for the dinizismo to show up suddenly is typical of those in a hurry, who, as we know, eat cold or burn their tongues.

Only this year did Diniz begin to reap the fruits of his convictions with Fluminense, by winning the Carioquinha, beating Flamengo in the final, and the consecrating Libertadores, against Boca Juniors.

In the national team, there is little time left at the club.

Hence it is unfair to charge more than is reasonable.

Cover the CBF president, with the risk of hearing from him that Diniz does exactly as agreed.

Performance or result?

For now, sparks of good performance.

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