Brazil becomes a member of the ITF, OECD transport forum – 05/25/2023 – Market

Brazil becomes a member of the ITF, OECD transport forum – 05/25/2023 – Market

The ITF (International Transport Forum) announced Brazil as a new member of the organization this Thursday (25).

Linked to the OECD —an entity known as the group of rich countries—, the ITF acts as a platform for issues related to transport, through which countries share experiences and discuss policies for the sector.

The announcement was made during the forum’s annual meeting, which takes place in Leipzig, Germany, and was attended by the Minister of Transport, Renan Filho.

With admission, Brazil becomes the 65th member of the ITF, and the sixth Latin American country to join the body, alongside Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica – which was also accepted by the group’s board this Thursday.

Speaking in English, Renan Filho said that the announcement represents a milestone for the future of Brazilian transport. “Brazil is back in the world, with its doors open to dialogue and willing to make a difference in building an agenda that promotes the economic and social changes that the planet needs.”

According to him, Brazil’s entry into the ITF also has a symbolic effect, given the isolation the country has faced in recent years from the international community.

Renan Filho also highlighted that Brazil has an integrated logistics plan under development and that President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) promised to invest around R$ 23 billion in infrastructure in 2023.

“We have the conditions and determination to establish new parameters and rise to the next level, after the true lack of resources that placed Brazil among the countries that least invest in the sector”, he said. “In this first year, we will grant initiatives to the private sector, adding up to more than 15 billion euros in investments.”

The minister also mentioned challenges that the country faces in the transport sector, such as the great dependence on road transport for cargo transport.

After the announcement, Renan Filho stated that these challenges will be discussed with the ITF, and that Brazil will work to propose low-carbon solutions and expand rail networks in the country.

“This is already a priority plan in our national logistics plan,” he said. “Now, with the work closer to the ITF, we will seek the best international experiences to promote this as soon as possible”, he added.

Regarding the investment package of R$ 23 billion, the holder of Transport said that the priority is not to allow any work to be stopped.

Young Tae Kim, general secretary of the ITF, said the body welcomes Brazil with open arms, adding that the country brings a wealth of knowledge that will benefit all members.

“Brazil gave the world BRT; it has the second largest number of airports in the world, the second busiest port in Latin America [Santos] and is home to the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world [Embraer]”, listed.

“I look forward to working with Renan Filho and his team to improve transportation in Brazil,” he concluded.

The reporter traveled at the invitation of the ITF

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