Brazão brothers are taken to prisons in Campo Grande and Porto Velho

Brazão brothers are taken to prisons in Campo Grande and Porto Velho


Marielle case

They are suspected of ordering the murder of councilor Marielle Franco

The brothers Domingos and Chiquinho Brazão, in pre-trial detention as part of the investigation into the murders of councilor Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes, were transferred during an operation carried out by the Federal Police this Wednesday morning (27).

The aircraft carrying the suspects took off from Brasília heading to the federal penitentiaries of Campo Grande, where Chiquinho is scheduled to disembark, and Porto Velho, the destination of Domingos.

The brothers and police chief Rivaldo Barbosa, former head of the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police, were arrested last Sunday (24), after the investigation’s final report indicated that Domingos and Chiquinho were responsible for hiring former military police officer Ronnie Lessa to murder Marielle. Rivaldo would have helped plan the crime, in addition to using his position to hinder the investigations.

The transfers take place one day after the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) postponed the vote on the legality of the detention of Chiquinho Brazão, who is a federal deputy for Rio de Janeiro and is without a party, after being expelled from União Brasil, by unanimous decision. . The parliamentarian has the prerogative of being inviolable, as provided for in the Federal Constitution, and his arrest must be analyzed and approved by the majority of the 513 parliamentarians who make up the Chamber of Deputies.

The operation did not transfer Rivaldo Barbosa, who remains in Brasília.


Councilwoman Marielle Franco was murdered on the night of March 14, 2018, after participating in a meeting at the Casa das Pretas Institute, in the center of Rio de Janeiro. The car in which she was traveling was driven by the driver Anderson Gomes, who was also shot, after a chase and successive shots that were allegedly fired by Ronnie Lessa.

The former military police officer accused by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) of being the executor is still awaiting trial but has remained in prison since 2019, convicted of other crimes such as firearms smuggling.

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