At ProdExpo, Júnior Favacho calls for union between powers to boost the primary sector in Amapá – News of Brazil

At ProdExpo, Júnior Favacho calls for union between powers to boost the primary sector in Amapá – News of Brazil

Traveling to Moscow, Russia, to represent Amapá at ProdExpo 2024, the largest food fair in Russia and Asia, state deputy Júnior Favacho (MDB) participated this Thursday (8) in the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly of Amapá via video conference, and spoke about the importance of strengthening commercial partnerships with other countries to make the mission of developing the state viable. “We are here because of the commitment we have with Amapá. We came to look for partners and businesses, to invite Russian companies to invest in Brazil, and, mainly, in our state. Our participation in this event is already very productive, and I am sure that we will soon have the fruits of this trip, especially in agribusiness”, said Júnior Favacho, who also advocated that the state import fertilizer to boost production.

“Today, 25% of the fertilizers we use in agribusiness in Brazil come from Russia, and Amapá is the only state that does not import this product. We are here to look for companies that can import into our state, so that we can soon make quality fertilizer available to our rural producers, which is essential to boost agribusiness in Amapá”, explained.

Institutional union

During his speech, the parliamentarian renewed his appeal to the government of Amapá to accelerate land regularization and the granting of licenses, with social and environmental responsibility, in order to enable rural producers to carry out their activities and boost the local economy. He made a comparison with the state of Roraima, which is in an accelerated process of titling land for production.

“The same law that gave Amapá the opportunity to own its lands also benefited the state of Roraima. The difference is that the homework has already been done there, and they have already issued 15 thousand titles, enabling the state to generate jobs and income”, explained. Júnior Favacho defended that the state’s political class is united in overcoming this challenge and once and for all boosting the state’s agricultural sector and agribusiness.

“In Amapá, this must be the agenda for 2024. The commitment I ask from my peers and from Governor Clécio and his team is that I can do this homework, and that I start issuing titles so that Amapá producers can access credit and start producing. We cannot lose to bureaucracy and ineptitude. We have enormous potential, but we need to make it a reality,” charged.

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