Apple launches R$349 adapter after announcing iPhone 15 with USB-C input

Apple launches R9 adapter after announcing iPhone 15 with USB-C input

Accessory ‘transforms’ Lightning cable, used in old Apple cell phones, into the standard of the new iPhone. Other stores, including official resellers, have cheaper options. Apple adapter ‘converts’ Lightning cable into USB-C Disclosure/Apple With the change in the charger input for the iPhone 15, launched last Tuesday (12), Apple released a new adapter in its store. The accessory “converts” the Lightning cable, the company’s exclusive standard, into a USB-C cable and costs R$349. The item could be useful for anyone who has a Lightning charger, used on old Apple cell phones, and wants to use it on their iPhone 15 – there is still no forecast of when the device will go on sale in Brazil. As Apple does not sell its cell phones with chargers, purchasing the adapter will be an option for those looking for something at the brand’s official store. A more affordable alternative is to buy a charger (just the power adapter that goes into the socket) for from R$219. For both alternatives, there are cheaper options in other stores, including official resellers. Apple’s official store is known for having unusual prices on lesser-known products. In 2021, the company launched a screen cleaning cloth for R$219 and generated jokes on social media. For recent models, the company has even more expensive accessories: a USB-C cable with the ability to transfer data faster can cost up to R$1,849 and a base for charging your cell phone wirelessly costs up to R$1,799. READ ALSO: With new cell phone, iPhone 14 has up to R$2,800 discount iOS 17: which iPhones will update to the new system? What is the USB-C standard, which the iPhone adopts after pressure on Apple Adapter that ‘converts’ Lightning cable into USB-C costs R$ 349 at the Apple store Reproduction Apple sells cable with more data transfer capacity for R$ 1,849 Reproduction Wireless charger for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods costs R$ 1,799 at the Apple store Reproduction Apple announces the launch of the iPhone 15 and other news Discover Vision Pro, Apple’s mixed reality glasses

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