ANP scolds Raízen for risk to aviation – 05/24/2023 – Panel SA

ANP scolds Raízen for risk to aviation – 05/24/2023 – Panel SA

The ANP (National Petroleum Agency) sent a letter to Raízen (Shell), from billionaire Rubens Ometto, asking the company to stop using blue dye in the distributor’s hydrated ethanol.

The color is typical of so-called aviation gasoline (QAV). For this reason, during inspections at gas stations in Salvador (BA), agency technicians got confused and classified ethanol as aviation gasoline.

The agency fears that the use of dye could cause accidents. The case started last year. At the time, the pumps were sealed, but the ANP took broader measures only last week, when it sent the letter to the company.

Initially, Raízen contested the interpretation of the regulator’s inspectors.

In a document presented to the ANP, the company stated that, “naturally, the color spectrum [dos combustíveis] has variations that are subject to different visual perceptions”.

However, a test carried out by the Supply Inspection Superintendence concluded that, in fact, the color of the hydrated ethanol with additives marketed by Raízen was very close to blue — a color that, according to regulation in Brazil and in the world, is for the exclusive use of gasoline. of aviation.

The aircraft are built to use only hydrous ethanol or aviation gasoline, unlike flex-fuel cars, which can combine gasoline or ethanol. Mixing by mistake can damage the operation of the aircraft.

“The use of inappropriate fuel, even if caused by the mistaken perception of the visual color, can lead to very serious accidents”, said the Center for Research and Technological Analysis of the ANP in an opinion.

The agency also states that it is possible to add the product without the dye and maintain the benefits to the vehicles.

In a note, Raízen said it is working to resolve the issue.

“Raízen received an official letter from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) in response to the query on the method for verifying the color of hydrated ethanol with additives, due to divergence in the interpretation of the color of the fuel. We emphasize that said divergence is exclusively on the color of Ethanol V-Power and has no impact on its quality or vehicle performance. Raízen is working collaboratively with the agency to resolve this issue,” said the company.

With Diego Felix

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