After the last debate session, the drugs PEC will be voted on next week

After the last debate session, the drugs PEC will be voted on next week


The Senate plenary held this Tuesday (26) another debate session on the Drugs PEC (PEC 45/23), which prohibits the possession and possession of all drugs, including marijuana.

The Senate decided to speed up the debate on the proposal, after the Federal Supreme Court (STF) interrupted the trial that could decriminalize the possession of marijuana for personal consumption.

According to President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), the proposal will be voted on, in the first round, shortly after the Easter holiday. “We are counting the period of five discussion sessions, tomorrow we have another discussion session of PEC 45, and after the 5-day period is over, it is ready to be considered by the plenary. So, I believe that after the Holy Week holiday, we will be able to appreciate it in the first place”, he explained at a press conference.

During the session, this Tuesday (26), senator Mecias de Jesus (Republicanos-RR) criticized the STF’s attempt to decriminalize personal drug consumption in the country. According to the parliamentarian, “decriminalization will have consequences on public health, with the risk of an increase in cases of psychotic disorders, impacting traffic and work environments”.

“It is necessary to have the exact dimension of the harm that a relaxation in the criminalization of drugs can cause. My state, Roraima, is a border state. We will be one of the first people affected by this march, the death march. We will have an impact on health, education, social assistance, security and, unfortunately, we will have the highest loss that a society can have, the cost of human life”, he declared.

Senator Jorge Seif (PL-RJ) highlighted that the issue of drugs has already been discussed several times in the National Congress. He reinforced that it is in the Legislature that the matter needs to be discussed and defined. “We didn’t discuss one, not two, not three, not four… There were five times that the Chamber and the Senate discussed drugs in this country. Let us learn from the examples of other countries that are losing, especially after, with legal filigree, they gave a green card to drugs, so that it does not further destroy Brazilian society and does not further weaken the police power that protects us, the everyday heroes,” said Seif.

The PEC rapporteur at the CCJ, senator Efraim Filho (União-PB), also defended the importance of the proposal. “Our opinion came exactly in line with what Brazilian society thinks and defends, that is, Brazilian society does not want it, and the Brazilian State is not prepared for this decriminalization,” he said.


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