After defending press freedom, Felipe Neto attacks journalist

After defending press freedom, Felipe Neto attacks journalist

PT youtuber Felipe Neto deleted a post on the social network X in which he attacked the newspaper’s publisher The State of São Paulo (Estadão)Andreza Matais, because of the report that revealed visits by the “drug lady” to the Ministry of Justice of the Lula government.

Felipe Neto called the editor a “fake news lady” and suggested that the journalist could be “financed”. After the negative repercussion of the attack on the journalist, the YouTuber deleted the tweet and made a new publication with an apology.

“As much as I completely disagree with her convictions and strongly condemn her way of conducting anti-left journalism, it is not right to expose her photo or encourage any type of persecution of her. I ask everyone who follows me to understand that this is a mistake and not to ignore me. If it is to criticize, the focus should be on the vehicle, not the journalist, even if we believe we have every reason to do so”, says an excerpt from the apology.

Afterwards, the YouTuber said that “journalistic plurality is fundamental to democracy”, offered a space for the journalist to respond and stated that he is not immune to error.

Neto ends by reiterating the attacks on the newspaper: “To Estadão, I leave no apology and reiterate the question: who finances this right-wing newspaper?”. In addition to Neto, other figures on the left have focused fire on the newspaper because of the report.

On Sunday (19), the president of the PT, deputy Gleisi Hoffmann, used social media to instigate militancy against the newspaper and, last week, the former BBB and former deputy, Jean Wyllys, called for censorship against newspapers that reported the case of the drug lady. Estadão reported that it is considering bringing the attacks by PT members to justice.

Felipe Neto has already defended press freedom at UNESCO

After being criticized for an abrupt change of position regarding the left and President Lula, Felipe Neto joined a working group set up by the Ministry of Human Rights to combat “hate speech and extremism”.

As a PT influencer, in May this year, Felipe Neto participated in an event promoted by UNESCO in defense of press freedom.

“I will talk about freedom of expression and the relationship with human rights, in addition to the risks that misinformation brings in this context”, said the YouTuber when announcing his participation in the event at the time.

MBL member calls Felipe Neto “king of cancellers”

When commenting on the case, the councilor of São Paulo, Rubinho Nunes (União), said that after the revelations of the Estadão“the PT and its henchmen went on the attack against journalists (and the newspaper) which exposed the government’s relationship with organized crime”.

“Felipe Neto, the king of cancellers, has already announced: Anyone who denounces the PT will be summarily persecuted. The left defends democracy, yes. Trust”, wrote the councilor on the social network.

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