Zema is booed and hears shouts of vaccine, yes alongside Lula – 02/08/2024 – Power

Zema is booed and hears shouts of vaccine, yes alongside Lula – 02/08/2024 – Power

The governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema (Novo), was booed this Thursday (8) when he participated in the federal government’s investment announcement with the participation of President Lula in Belo Horizonte. Zema also heard shouts of “yes, vaccine”.

Last week, the governor released a video on social media stating that proof of vaccination will not be mandatory for enrollment in the state school system.

Zema, during his speech, said it was necessary to understand that people think differently.

“Throughout my life I have learned to work with those who think differently,” said the governor. The governor, who sat next to Lula, welcomed the president during his speech. “Criticism is natural. People think differently,” said Zema.

The announcement of the investments took place in a ceremony that could be considered anti-militancy. The chosen location has capacity for around 800 people and there were empty chairs. There wasn’t a single flag in the auditorium. A large part of those present were union leaders and political advisors.

Not even the traditional rows of parliamentarians and leaders placed on the stage behind the table of the main leaders, in this case Lula and ministers, were formed.
Still, Zema did not escape the boos.

City hall

Lula was received at Pampulha airport this Wednesday afternoon (7) by the mayor of Belo Horizonte, Fuad Noman (PSD), who immediately, still close to the plane, took a photo with the president and posted it on social media.

“The partnership with the federal government is essential for the execution of works and the arrival of new investments in BH. Very happy to welcome President Lula, who has already shown his affection for our city. More good things are coming”!, wrote in the publication.

Despite avoiding the topic, Fuad is expected to run for re-election. The PT launched federal deputy Rogério Correia as a pre-candidate for mayor. On the left, federal deputy Duda Salabert (PDT) is another pre-candidate for the position.

The vice-governor of Minas Gerais, Professor Mateus (Novo), was also at the airport. Governor Romeu Zema (Novo), who requested a meeting with Lula, was traveling to Brasília.

At night, as he does every time he stays overnight in the capital of Minas Gerais, the president went to the house of former minister Walfrido dos Mares Guia, who held the Tourism and Institutional Relations portfolios in the first and second terms of office. Lula, respectively. The former mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil (PSD), was invited to the dinner, but did not attend.

The AMM (Association of Municipalities of Minas Gerais) released a note complaining about having been “ignored”, as the text says, from the federal government’s agenda in Minas this Thursday (8).

“It is at least incomprehensible that the largest state municipal association in Brazil is not invited to a federal government meeting that indicates the search for a federative construction, in an action that is most evident due to its political-partisan bias”, states the association.

The entity’s president, Marcus Vinícius Bizarro, is a declared supporter of former president Bolsonaro. At a campaign event in 2022, he made a typical statement from the former president’s supporters: “our flag will never be red”, he said at the time.

The report asked Planalto why the association was not invited, as the entity claims. There has been no return yet.

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