Will Moro be impeached? – 04/02/2024 – TV Folha

Will Moro be impeached?  – 04/02/2024 – TV Folha


The Regional Electoral Court (TRE) of Paraná began this Monday afternoon (1st) the trial of an electoral action that could result in the revocation of the mandate of senator Sergio Moro, affiliated with União Brasil-PR, under the allegation of alleged abuse of economic power.

Headed by Jair Bolsonaro’s PL and Lula’s PT federation (also containing the PC do B and the PV), the representations, which are processed together, point out that the parliamentarian had made excessive expenditures during the pre-election campaign linked to the 2022 election, which the senator’s defense denies.

Judge José Rodrigo Sade, second to vote, asked for a review, stating that he would resume his vote in the Wednesday session (3).

To comment on the trial, presenter Isabella Faria welcomes reporter Catarina Scortecci on Como É que É? this Tuesday (2).

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