What are the next holidays in 2024? See the national calendar

What are the next holidays in 2024?  See the national calendar

With the end of Carnival approaching, many people are already thinking about the next holidays of the year. 2024 will have few long holidays. Check out, in this report, which holidays are coming up. 2024 Calendar Jéssica França/g1 With the end of Carnival approaching, many people are already keeping an eye on the calendar of upcoming holidays. If you are in the group that is already planning your next break, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the dates to increase the possibilities of extending your rest days. g1 prepared a calendar with optional points and holidays in 2024 (check below). The federal government published the ordinance with the official list in December. However, it’s best not to get your hopes up. The year will have few long “holidays”. Of the ten national holidays, it will only be possible to extend the days off on three of them, and one has already passed (National Celebration Day, on January 1st). And remember, carnival is not a holiday. The period between 02/12 and 02/14 (until 2pm) is considered an optional period by the federal government. In other words, there are only two holidays left that are neighbors with weekends: Passion of Christ and Proclamation of the Republic. 2024 will have fewer national holidays on weekdays g1 In total, seven holidays will fall on weekends (Tiradentes, Brazilian Independence, Nossa Senhora Aparecida and All Souls’ Day) or on Wednesdays (Labor Day, Black Consciousness and Christmas). It is also worth remembering that, this year, Black Awareness Day (November 20) became a national holiday. The decision was approved in Congress and sanctioned by President Lula. Previously, the date was not part of the national calendar and was not considered an optional national date. The time off depended on municipal or state law. Optional points and local holidays In addition to national holidays, the calendar above shows the eight optional points, which will be observed by federal public administration bodies and entities. Municipal and state authorities can also determine by law that national optional points, such as Corpus Christi, are local holidays. Thus, anyone who is entitled to rest during this period will have an additional extended holiday in 2024. Other commemorative dates in states and municipalities may be included locally. However, the ordinance establishes that essential services will not be affected by the dates. ‘Holidays’ of 2024: see the planned days off Also watch: On strike days, can I miss work? See what the law says Is Saturday a working day? See what the law says

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