Vanessa Lopes from BBB24 is released by a psychiatrist and can resume social activities

Vanessa Lopes from BBB24 is released by a psychiatrist and can resume social activities

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Influencer left ‘BBB24’ after pressing the quit button after 11 days of confinement

After undergoing psychiatric treatment, ex-BBB Vanessa Lopes has now been released by the medical team to resume social activities, according to a new bulletin published this Monday, 5th, and released by the influencer’s father, Alisson Ramalho, in his Stories. profile on Instagram.

According to the note, the tiktoker remains in psychiatric treatment, but has progressed encouragingly.

“Patient Vanessa Lopes Ramalho remains in psychiatric medical treatment (psychopharmacotherapy and psychotherapy) with daily assessment, under my care, at home, with 24-hour monitoring. The patient has shown excellent progress so far, we have already indicated a gradual return to social activities and a subsequent return to work activities. Based on the current situation, she has an excellent prognosis,”

says the bulletin.

Also through the statement, doctors ask for the public’s support.

“In this period, of returning to social activities, we would like to reinforce the need for public support, privacy and empathy with the situation presented”,

concludes Dr. Antônio Geraldo da Silva, a psychiatrist who signs the document.

Vanessa underwent treatment shortly after leaving the BBB24 (TV Globo) house. Her departure from the reality show was at the participant’s request, when she pressed the withdrawal button, on January 19th, after 11 days of confinement. In the reality show, she had been showing signs that her mental health was not well.

Alisson Ramalho. Reproduction/Instagram.

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