União Brasil launches Roberto Cidade’s pre-candidacy for mayor of Manaus

União Brasil launches Roberto Cidade’s pre-candidacy for mayor of Manaus


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The announcement took place in the presence of the party’s national president, Antonio Rueda and was the first among other mayoral candidates that the party intends to launch in Amazonas

The most voted state deputy in the history of Amazonas, Roberto Cidade had his pre-candidacy for Manaus City Hall made official this Monday (25), in an event that brought together around two thousand people, at the Clube do Trabalhador do Sesi, in the East zone of capital.

The launch of the name of the União Brasil representative for the municipal dispute was made by the national president of the party, Antônio Rueda and by the state president of the party, the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima. The event was attended by representatives of the ten political parties that make up the Union Brasil alliance in Manaus.

President of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (Aleam), Cidade reaffirmed that he is prepared for the challenge of commanding Manaus, that he is willing to face adversities and, above all, that he has the will and competence to make the capital of Amazonas offer better quality of life and development for its people.

“Manaus deserves to have an administrator who doesn’t want to do ‘ficela’, but who, on the contrary, is committed to carrying out, to making the deliveries that our city needs. Today begins a story of challenges, struggles and, I have no doubt, victories. I feel ready, prepared to manage Manaus. I say with great pride that I have at my side Governor Wilson Lima, President Rueda, a strong alliance, dozens of political leaders and, above all, that I have the people of Manaus at my side. Let’s build a government plan that will truly benefit our capital, with the deliveries that our city needs and deserves. With unity, we can win the battles and here, we are all united for Manaus”, stated the pre-candidate.

Main leader of União Brasil in Amazonas, governor Wilson Lima highlighted that the party, with the nomination of Cidade as a pre-candidate for Mayor of Manaus, takes another important step in its commitment to contributing with improvements to the State. Lima said that Roberto Cidade has already demonstrated countless demonstrations of his power of articulation, his serenity in dealing with sensitive issues, as well as his administrative capacity.

“Roberto Cidade, today you take another important step on your life path, on a journey that will not be easy at all, but you have persistence and a desire to work. You are prepared for the mission you take on today, to face the challenges. I am here to pledge my commitment as president of União Brasil, as governor of Amazonas and, above all, as a citizen, so that Roberto Cidade can be the next mayor of Manaus. Count on my personal commitment. I’m a soldier in your campaign. Now it’s official. Let’s go up!”, called on Governor Wilson Lima.

Enthusiastic about the platform formed around the pre-candidacy and the amount of popular support gathered by Roberto Cidade, the party’s national president, Antônio Rueda, stated that União Brasil will present the best proposals for Manaus, so that the capital of The Amazon can develop and provide better living conditions for the population.

“I feel welcomed in Manaus. Two years ago we started a bold project and today we see it being extremely successful. In Amazonas, under the leadership of Governor Wilson Lima, we see 61 municipalities aligned with the Government. It’s not just about numbers, but about joint and continuous work for the good of the State. Today the best project for Manaus is Roberto Cidade. He is the best option. In a show of coordination, he brought all the main names in local politics here. Roberto, rest assured that we will be with you on this journey. Manaus needs a worthy project and that project is you”, declared the national president of União Brasil.

In addition to the national and state president of União Brasil, the state presidents of Podemos, deputy Alessandra Campelo; Brazilian Women’s Party (PMB), deputy Rozenha; of the Democratic Renewal Party (PRD), deputy Felipe Souza and the municipal president of Solidariedade, councilor Elissandro Bessa also declared support for pre-candidate Roberto Cidade.

The president of the Manaus City Council (CMM), councilor Caio André and the licensed federal deputy from UB, Fausto Júnior also spoke out in favor of the pre-candidacy for City. Councilors from Manaus and mayors from the interior were also at the event to formalize their support.

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