‘Unforgettable Memories’ is performed by elderly people in Manaus

‘Unforgettable Memories’ is performed by elderly people in Manaus

Manaus (AM) – The City of Manaus, through the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Tourism and Events (Manauscult) and the Municipal Council of Culture (Concultura), concluded the workshop Lugar de Idoso é no Teatro: Studies, Research and Training of Actors from of Life Stories, a project included in the Manaus Faz Cultura 2023 notice, this Tuesday (21), in the auditorium of Parque Municipal do Idoso (PMI), in the Nossa Senhora das Graças neighborhood, Central-South zone.

The play “Unforgettable Memories” is directed by the actor, playwright and director, José Gomes, who at 84 years old continues in full artistic activity, whether in theatrical performances, advertising campaigns or films. The play is the result of a workshop with 17 amateur actors aged between 64 and 89 years old, all of whom frequent the Fundação Doutor Thomas (FDT).

Aimed at elderly people, the project lasted seven weeks and offered activities developed on theatrical techniques, experiences, vocal and body awareness practice and character construction. In a comedy tone, filled with music, dance, poetry and good laughs, the show lasts an hour, and the plot features a meeting of elderly friends in a small square in the neighborhood where they exchange ideas, gossip and other “chat”. In this meeting, they remember the stories of their past lives.

The audience full of relatives, friends and park goers cheered like a professional show premiere. In the front row, the president of Concultura, Neilo Batista, was moved by the songs, truths and emotions experienced by the protagonists.

“This moment here is a unique moment. It is no surprise that Gomes, today, is recognized as one of the main masters of popular culture in activity, for his body of work and for more than fifty years of dedication to theater, craft, art, culture, always believing that art transforms, that art moves”,

he stated.

Neilo also reaffirmed the city hall’s commitment, through Concultura, to continue investing in culture, cultural workers and the quality of life of the Manaus population, and in particular, elderly people. “Everything we saw today was divine and impressive. Thank you very much”, he ended emotionally, stating that the projects must continue with the opportunities of the Municipal Culture Fund and in the notices of the Aldir Blanc 2 Law.

The CEO of FDT, Martha Moutinho, explains the importance of the partnership with Concultura.

“Completing the theater workshop for users of the Municipal Park for the Elderly is giving elderly people the possibility of building themselves and seeing themselves in new characters, imagining themselves in another reality. I am happy to witness the growth in self-esteem, socialization and it is very important to highlight the benefits for the elderly’s memory”,

celebrates Martha.


The proponent of the workshop, veteran director José Gomes, said that the idea of ​​putting on a show based on the rich life stories of the students themselves was with the purpose of putting them in the spotlight and bringing to the stage the full protagonism of the experience of old age. .

“We made a collage with the main stories presented by the elderly, with funny and exciting potential, interspersed with poetry and music, and the result was this meeting of friends in a square sharing their experiences”,

explained Gomes.

At the end of the show, he asked the audience for their evaluation, who gave him a standing ovation for the fun and exciting show.

Retired João Gervásio Picanço, a former soldier, participated in the play telling a story from when he was on active duty and was part of a rescue from a plane crash in the middle of the jungle, where the passengers and crew were all burned to death.

“I got the heavy part of the show, but the other stories were fun and exciting. I hope the project continues, and that the next play will be a musical where they can showcase their talents in dancing, singing and dramatic acting,”

he said.

*With information from consultancy

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