‘The last meeting’ marks Alexandre Pires’ farewell to SPC

‘The last meeting’ marks Alexandre Pires’ farewell to SPC


Shows take place in the main Brazilian cities. In Manaus, it will be on July 13th

Manaus (AM) – What seemed like a dream for many, finally became reality! Alexandre Pires and Só Pra Contrariar will once again share the same stage, after 10 years, with the ‘SPC Acústico 2 – O Último Encontro’ tour. And, for fans of the group, this will be the last opportunity to see the original lineup. Furthermore, the event marks the farewell of singer Alexandre Pires from SPC.

The tour arrives in Manaus on July 13, 2024, but sales are already at full steam.

SPC in Manaus
In Manaus, SPC will perform at Studio 5 Centro de Convenções. The venue will host the Frontstage and Table sectors – Gold and Silver – with values ​​ranging from R$150 to R$1,000 in the first batch. Check out:

  • Frontstage Sai da Minha Aba: R$ 120 (has a different entrance, exclusive bars and bathroom);
  • Silver Table That Is Called Love: R$600/per person (has a different entrance, bars and exclusive bathrooms);
  • Gold Table Is Too Good: R$ 1,000/per person (with different entrance, exclusive bars and bathrooms, including a welcome buffet that will start at 9pm and end at the start of the SPC show).

There will also be a sale of ‘Essa Tal Liberdade’ boxes with capacity for 20 people. The group’s investment in the sector is R$8,000. The place will have exclusive bars and a different entrance, and each box will receive a combo of your preferred spirit (12-year-old whiskey, Vodka or international Gin + four energy drinks). For this sector, in particular, interested parties should contact M1 Eventos directly, via WhatsApp (92) 9 8482-3539.

Where to buy

Tickets for the SPC tour in Manaus can be purchased at the Oba Ingressos centers, located in the Millenium and Manauara shopping malls.

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