Turnaround in the Archdiocese turbocharges CPI against Father Júlio – 02/05/2024 – Panel

Turnaround in the Archdiocese turbocharges CPI against Father Júlio – 02/05/2024 – Panel

The release of a position this Monday (5) in which the Archdiocese of São Paulo claims to have become aware of an “alleged new fact of sexual abuse” involving Father Júlio Lancellotti gave new impetus to the installation of the CPI that targets the parish priest in the Chamber Municipal Council of São Paulo, authored by councilor Rubinho Nunes (União Brasil).

Milton Leite (União Brasil), president of the São Paulo City Council, states that if the Archdiocese decided to investigate, it is the Legislature’s duty to also investigate. “But the final decision will be up to the college of leaders”, says Leite. The topic should be discussed this Tuesday (6) at the first meeting of Legislative leaders this year.

“The correct, transparent and reputable attitude of the Archdiocese puts pressure on the Chamber to continue its work”, adds the president of the House.

“The recent publication of expert reports with contradictory results and the news of an alleged new incident of sexual abuse involving the aforementioned priest require a new investigation on the part of the Archdiocese in order to search for the truth”, said the Catholic authority, in a note this Monday.

Oeste magazine published on Tuesday (30) an interview with a man who reported alleged sexual harassment he had suffered from the parish priest.

In its new position, the Archdiocese states that it did not file the recent complaints it received about the priest, which would have been wrongly inferred, according to the Catholic authority, from a note released on January 23.

At the time, the Archdiocese stated that it had received from the City Council a video that it had already investigated in 2020, in relation to which it did not have “sufficient conviction regarding the materiality of the complaint” against Lacellotti. As a result, he opted to archive it.

In this Monday’s note, the Archdiocese states that a new investigation is necessary “to search for the truth”.

“There was and is no filing of this current complaint and the Archdiocese remains attentive to further elements regarding the facts reported and to any serious investigation, doing what it is responsible for in accordance with the norms of the Church and investigating the case in the area of ​​its competence, far from ideological and political interests, with serenity and objectivity”, the text also states.

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