TRE-PR postpones Moro’s testimony in action that could lead to the revocation of his mandate

TRE-PR postpones Moro’s testimony in action that could lead to the revocation of his mandate


Testimonies were postponed because those investigated must speak last

The Regional Electoral Court of Paraná (TRE-PR) postponed the testimony of senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil-PR) in the process that could lead to the revocation of his mandate. The former judge of Operation Lava Jato would be heard on Thursday (16), via videoconference. The testimony is now scheduled for December 7th.

Lawyer Luis Felipe Cunha and businessman Ricardo Augusto Guerra, substitutes for the senator, and the impeached deputy Deltan Dallagnol will also be heard.

The statements were postponed because those being investigated must speak last, after all the evidence has been gathered, and Podemos sent documents after the deadline.

The party is qualified in the process as an “interested third party”, that is, it is not a party, but has been notified to contribute to the action. The Electoral Court asked the national directory for data on campaign spending. Additional documents shared by the party arrived late.

Judge Dartagnan Serpa Sá, rapporteur of the case, stated that the “untimely gathering” of evidence has the “capable of disrupting the procedural progress”, but also did not rule out a technical error.

The judge authorized the postponement of the testimonies so that the defenses could analyze all the documentation “in time for the hearing”. “As highlighted by those investigated, the joining that occurred after the appointment of the hearings could cause harm to the exercise of broad defense by the parties”, he wrote.

Podemos was the first party to join Moro when the former judge officially entered party political life.

He migrated to União Brasil, after seeing his chances of victory in the presidential race collapse, to launch a candidacy for the Senate. Moro rivaled and beat former senator Álvaro Dias, one of the creators of his campaign.

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