Tired of seeing Instagram posts from people you don’t follow? Learn how to suspend content

Tired of seeing Instagram posts from people you don’t follow?  Learn how to suspend content

Publications are recommended by algorithms, which filter a pattern of behavior to suggest other publications. Feature on the platform allows blocking for 30 days. Instagram icon. REUTERS/Thomas White Have posts from people you don’t follow ever appeared on your Instagram feed? The answer is probably yes. But do you know why this happens or how to avoid it? Using algorithms, the network filters a pattern of behavior and finds other content that may be of interest to users. In other words, the recommended publications tend to have connections with the content you already consume. Despite this, Instagram allows recommended content to be suspended and gives some control over what will appear in the feed with the “Favorites” feature (Check below). 🤳🚫Suspend recommended posts Open your Instagram profile; On the top right side, tap the three-line icon; Click on “Settings and privacy; Select “Suggested content”; Activate the “Suspend suggested posts in feed” feature. It is worth noting that the feature is temporary, lasting up to 30 days after activation. Therefore, after the deadline, it is necessary renew the block. 🖼️🥰 Only see posts from those you follow Tap on the Instagram logo in the top left corner; Select “Favorites”; Select the icon in the top right corner; Click “Add” or “Remove” on the desired profiles. Before you edit your favorites for the first time, Instagram may set some accounts on its own based on your activity on the app. They can be removed from the list at any time. The social network does not inform the other person when they have been added or removed from your favorites list. Watch also Children and teenagers in Brazil receive sexual content on the internet Learn how to create your ‘Disney Pixar’ character, a new trend on social media What is the new scam that diverts PIX from online shopping and how to avoid it it

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