The Harvest Festival at the Garzón bodega – 03/25/2024 – Barbecue nation

The Harvest Festival at the Garzón bodega – 03/25/2024 – Barbecue nation


On Saturday, March 16, the sixth edition of the Festa de la Vindimia took place at Bodega Garzón, with the Sete Fogos menu, by Francis Mallmann. A tradition to celebrate the beginning of the harvest of grapes for the preparation of wine, which has been happening since Egyptian times.

Around 400 people participated, including visitors and guests. The ritual included a tour of the winery, where we had the experience of harvesting grapes from the tree, and an afternoon filled with wine, barbecue and music in Plaza de Garzón, located in the village of Pueblo Garzón.

Since the second half of January, preparations begin, chefs and managers meet with Mallmann to understand the areas of improvement and what the location of the next event will be, as well as the menu.

Fire is the main star, used in different ways, in the form of embers, smoke and ash. Using everything from the hottest heat of burning coals to cold smoking, a slightly hot smoke.

The “pre-preparations” begin ten days before the party, the empanadas and breads are made in advance, as well as some meats that are marinated.

The starter menu included meat and cheese empanadas, croquetas, shrimp skewers made with rosemary branches, breaded fish and potatoes.

On the main menu, black croaker prepared in Infiernillo: wrapped in moist salt, it receives heat from above and below, the result is an extremely succulent fish with just the right amount of salt.

For the beef cut, the ojo de steak (against filet for us Brazilians) was chosen. 1.2 kg pieces were prepared, wrapped in string and hung on the clothesline, receiving continuous heat and smoke, leaving the meat with a perfect, uniform and tasty finish.

Vegetables were prepared in different ways: in the rescoldo (over the ashes of the embers, to be slowly roasted), on the clothesline, receiving the smoky flavor of the firewood, and on the plancha, where they gain a toast and a crunchy crust.

The Patagonian lambs were roasted on a cross, a spit that lays them flat and where they receive the heat from the wood for eight hours. And the marinated pork ribs were roasted on the rack.

For dessert, pineapple baked in a wood-fired oven with mascarpone cream and spices, as well as a pie with puff pastry, filled with dulce de leche, pastry cream and chocolate ganache.

For a party of this magnitude, a team of 40 diners, 23 cooks, 3 pastry chefs and chef Nicolas Acosta were in charge of every detail.

A unique experience, from the winery, with its landscape that looks like a painting, to the impeccable menu, the intoxicating music and the wonderful wines from Bodega Garzón in pairing.

It’s a shame that chef Francis Mallmann couldn’t attend, because he couldn’t leave Patagonia due to climate change and I didn’t get my longed-for autograph.

I’ll have to come back next time… lol

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