Tax Free Day 2023 has gasoline at BRL 3.77 – 05/25/2023 – Market

Tax Free Day 2023 has gasoline at BRL 3.77 – 05/25/2023 – Market

The Tax Free Day —an action that includes the sale of tax-free products as a way of making society aware of the high tax burden— takes place across the country this Thursday (25th), with discounts of up to 70% across the country.

Consumers can find gasoline for R$3.77 a liter at the Oceano Posto, located at Avenida do Contorno, 10.325, Barro Preto, Belo Horizonte (MG), and ethanol at R$2.46 a liter at the Centro Automotivo Portal Das Perdizes, located at Avenida Sumaré, 991, in Perdizes, in the capital of São Paulo.

The sale of fuel, however, is limited and, in general, the driver who arrives earlier and faces long queues gets the lowest price. In São Paulo, 6,500 liters of ethanol were made available at R$2.46, limited to 25 liters per vehicle and a single supply. Payment must be made in cash Pix.

In Belo Horizonte, the action started at 8 am, with the distribution of tickets, and the sale of fuel opened at 9 am. 31.8 liters per car will be sold, limited to 140 cars, and 7.95 liters per motorcycle, limited to 69 motorcycles.

Promoted by the CNDL (National Confederation of Shopkeepers) and the CDL Jovem (Chamber of Young Shopkeepers), the action reaches its 17th edition.

“We want to show the population how the rates are abusive. The Tax Free Day grows every year and this shows the importance of the action to raise awareness in society as a whole about the high tax rate charged in Brazil”, says José César da Costa, president of the CNDL.

“The tax reform has become urgent and fundamental for the maintenance of companies in the country, for the generation of jobs and for economic development”, he says.

In a formal session in Congress this Monday (22), Raphael Paganini, national coordinator of CDL Jovem, also spoke about the importance of the action to reinforce the debate on the Brazilian tax burden.

“Our main intention is to unite consumers and shopkeepers in an awareness and protest action, to show the dissatisfaction we have with the tax burden of more than 40% on the average consumption of products, which makes it one of the biggest of the world,” he says.

Movimento Endireta Brasil is one of the supporters and participants in the action, with the support of businesswoman Patricia Kulaif, owner of the service station in São Paulo that offers ethanol at cost price. The initiative, in this case, took into account not only taxes, but also the sustainability linked to alcohol, which is a biofuel.

“Ethanol, produced from sugarcane, is considered one of the renewable energy alternatives with the best cost/effectiveness to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions”, says the movement on the choice of fuel.

The action only takes place this Thursday. CNDL data show that Brazilians work five months of the year to pay taxes. Therefore, in 2023, the action was brought forward to the month of June. Last year, Tax Free Day was held on June 2nd.

Furthermore, as it is a joint action, shopkeepers opted for the month of May, before Valentine’s Day, so as not to disrupt the sales date.

The CNDL currently represents more than 500 thousand entrepreneurs in all Brazilian states. Participation in Tax Free Day reached 40 thousand retailers with an impact of R$ 17.3 million.

Tax reform should advance after framework

The Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad (PT), intends to prioritize tax reform after the Chamber of Deputies approved the rules of the new fiscal framework this Tuesday (23). Haddad’s expectation is that the tax reform will be voted on in the House later this semester.

The reform should be based on the creation of a new tax on consumption which, in practice, has five rates. In addition to the standard tax, which will be applied to most goods and services, there will be a reduced percentage, the so-called balance rate, which seeks to balance the tax burden in some situations. There will also be a zero rate application.

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