Tarcísio Motta seeks acronyms for left front in 2024 – 11/14/2023 – Mônica Bergamo

Tarcísio Motta seeks acronyms for left front in 2024 – 11/14/2023 – Mônica Bergamo

Pre-candidate for Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, federal deputy Tarcísio Motta (PSOL-RJ) began, in recent days, negotiations with leaders of left-wing parties in search of support for 2024. The tour involved conversations with PT leaders , PC do B and PDT and an attempt to get closer to the PSB.

In Tarcísio’s assessment, a progressive front in the capital of Rio de Janeiro is viable, given PSOL’s performance in previous elections, and would have the power to attract part of the electorate looking for an alternative to the name of the current mayor, Eduardo Paes (PSD).

The PT, however, has already signaled support for the PSIS. In conversation with Tarcísio, the party’s president, Gleisi Hoffmann, would have reaffirmed that her party should indeed seal an alliance with Paes, but considered that, in the past, the PT has already stood on more than one stage in the same election.

According to the PSOL pre-candidate, Hoffmann also said that the PT members cannot ignore the fact that the party’s voters also support other names aligned with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“Although she recognized the commitment to Paes, she didn’t close the doors so that we could think”, celebrates Tarcísio, who participated in the negotiations alongside the president of the PSOL in Rio de Janeiro, Juan Leal. “We know the difficulty of a double platform, but we’re going to try.”

The president of PC do B and current Minister of Science, Luciana Santos, would have signaled a greater willingness to embark on Tarcísio Motta’s campaign for mayor, even giving up having a name of her own to compete in the municipal election.

The communist party’s pre-candidate today is state deputy Dani Balbi, the first transsexual to occupy one of the seats in the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj). Tarcísio has already stated that he would be willing to have someone from the party as vice-president on his ticket.

As it is part of the federation with the PT, PC do B could not alone contribute TV time to the psolist’s campaign, but could still provide political support if the group opts for Paes.

“TV time would be a very important thing, but we’ve already learned that TV time, alone, doesn’t win elections. Militancy on the street, yes”, says the federal deputy to the column.

Tarcísio Motta also met last week with the president of the PDT and Minister of Social Security, Carlos Lupi. The acronym, for now, has bet on the name of Martha Rocha, who obtained 11.3% of the valid votes in the first round of Rio’s municipal elections in 2020, coming in third place.

Lupi would have shown openness to a possible alliance, as long as the psolista campaign adhered to historical guidelines defended by brizolistas in Rio and agreed to build a government program jointly. The minister, however, asked for more time to assess the electoral scenario.

“Obviously we haven’t closed any agreements because it’s still a long way off, but I’m excited. The conversations were all very positive,” says the federal deputy.

The optimism inspired by the negotiations, however, was not repeated with the PSB. “It was the most frustrating,” says Tarcísio. The party president, Carlos Siqueira, did not respond to the PSOL pre-candidate’s requests for conversation, which ended up being received by federal deputy Bandeira de Mello (PSB-RJ).

“The PSB’s perspective is to elect councilors in Rio, and they believe that, being with Paes, they have a better chance”, says the PSOL pre-candidate.

“All our recently elected leaders [na cidade do Rio de Janeiro] They have a mostly leftist profile. Those who tried to link themselves more to the right, did not get elected”, he warns. “It seems to me that the PSB will have a wrong programmatic political opinion if it continues with Paes.”

Tarcísio Motta now intends to meet with the president of Embratur (Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion), Marcelo Freixo. In recent years, the former federal deputy ran for both the Mayor of Rio and the government of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

“This is one of the priority conversations to take place,” says Tarcísio. “Freixo is a figure we really need to talk to. Lindbergh [Farias, deputado federal do PT pelo RJ] He’s already my electoral leader. Now we want to convince Freixo.”


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