Tarcísio appoints military officer in place of historical ‘caretaker’ – 02/11/2024 – Panel

Tarcísio appoints military officer in place of historical ‘caretaker’ – 02/11/2024 – Panel

The Tarcísio de Freitas government (Republicanos-SP) appointed Colonel Francisco Ronald Rocha Fernandes to the post of chief of staff of the Civil House. The military man served in recent years as deputy head of Itaipu Binacional’s information advisory.

He took the place of João Germano Böttcher Filho, who retired after 36 years of activities at Palácio dos Bandeirantes, where he is known as “caretaker” or “mayor”.

During this period, Böttcher was in charge of space administration tasks, which include room reservations, organizing events and renovations, hiring and instructing employees.

As chief of staff and member of the EMTU and Prodesp councils, Böttcher’s salary exceeded R$60,000 per month.

Colonel Fernandes will work with Arthur Lima, secretary of the Civil House and right-hand man of the governor. Like Tarcísio, Lima has a military career.

In August 2023, the Tarcísio administration dismissed Germano’s brother, Marcos Renato Böttcher, from the position of executive secretary of Agriculture and Supply.

The decision was taken after Marcos Renato took a report to the TCE (State Audit Court) with allegations of irregularities in the construction of rural roads under the Melhor Caminho program.

The irregularities would have occurred between 2021 and 2022 during the governments of João Doria and Rodrigo Garcia. According to the Government of São Paulo, the reason for the dismissal was “a technical exchange”.

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