STF begins trial of the first accused of participation in 8/1

STF begins trial of the first accused of participation in 8/1

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) begins judging this Wednesday morning (13), the first four accused of participating in the depredations of public buildings in Brasília on January 8. The Plenary session, initially scheduled for 9:30 am, began at 10:05 am.

The trials will be held over four sessions, on the morning and afternoon of Wednesday (13) and Thursday (14). Each criminal case will be judged individually. In each one, Minister Alexandre de Moraes will read the report, with a summary of the process, and then the reviewer, Kassio Nunes Marques, will be able to make complements. Afterwards, Carlos Frederico will speak, on behalf of the prosecution, for the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), and then the defendants’ lawyers, who will have one hour each.

Afterwards, Moraes will vote on the guilt or innocence of the defendants. The second to vote will be Nunes Marques. Next, Cristiano Zanin, André Mendonça, Edson Fachin, Luís Roberto Barroso, Luiz Fux, Dias Toffoli, Cármen Lúcia, Gilmar Mendes and Rosa Weber will vote.

The four defendants who will be tried are sanitation technician Aécio Lúcio Costa Pereira, who is 51 years old and lives in Diadema (SP), imprisoned inside the Senate; Thiago de Assis Mathar, 43 years old, from São José do Rio Preto (SP); lawyer Moacir José dos Santos, 52 years old, from Foz do Iguaçu (PR), arrested at Palácio do Planalto; and Matheus Lima de Carvalho Lázaro, 24 years old, from Apucarana (PR), arrested in Praça do Buriti, the furthest part of Esplanada dos Ministérios, where public buildings in the Federal District are located. Of the four, only Santos is free.

The PGR’s expectation is that the ministers will establish theses that will facilitate the trial of another 228 people who were arrested there, accused of crimes such as coup d’état, violent abolition of the Democratic Rule of Law, criminal association, damage and depredation of public property , whose sentences can reach 30 years in prison.

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