Sleeping Giants defends threats to companies at STF event

Sleeping Giants defends threats to companies at STF event

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The co-founder of Sleeping Giants Brasil defended the group’s strategy of threatening companies to remove advertisements from right-wing outlets| Photo: YouTube, Supreme Court channel

To justify the actions of the left-wing militant group Sleeping Giants Brasil, which threatens advertisers on social media to demonetize right-wing outlets, Mayara Stelle, co-founder of the initiative, said that freedom on the internet is “romanticized” and that it makes it a “lawless land ”. Invited to be part of a panel at an event on freedom of expression organized by the STF, this Friday (15), Stelle also said that politics is “a space of plurality”, despite being in charge of the group responsible for attacking those who express political bias. different.

The co-founder said that the group’s strategy is to “follow the money”. In theory, the objective is to find those behind the financing of certain causes and discover their interests. But what Sleeping Giants does is pursue outlets that express ideas contrary to those of the group and prevent them from making money.

Mayara Stelle, 24 years old and recently graduated in law, is the co-founder of Sleeping Giants Brasil and was invited by the Federal Supreme Court to participate in the second day of the Seminar Combating Misinformation and Defense of Democracy, organized by the body. Proud of her work, Stelle says that there were more than 80 campaigns and more than 1,550 companies have already been “alerted” by the militia. According to her, 1,153 companies gave in to pressure.

STF archived investigation that intended to discover Sleeping Giants financiers

At the same time that the group talks about the importance of finding out who finances the causes, it hides who sponsors them. At the request of Jovem Pan, one of Sleeping Giants’ targets in a campaign called “Demonetize Jovem Pan”, the Civil Police of the State of São Paulo began investigating the group. The focus of the investigation was to discover the main financiers, but the STF shelved the investigation, even with a statement from the Attorney General’s Office in favor of progress.

Recently, those responsible were summoned to provide clarifications to committees of the Chamber of Deputies. The request was approved by the Communication and Financial Inspection and Control Committees, but there is still no set date for the group to go to the House. The Federal Senate will also analyze the militia’s activities.

“We need your help to continue keeping extremists awake” is what is written in Sleeping Giants Brasil’s Twitter bio. Her own People’s Gazette He has already been a victim of leftist militants. The group’s actions take place on social media, where companies receive several messages of this type and, for fear of becoming involved in an image crisis, end up giving in.

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