Singer jokes about being a criminal at a show and has a R$100,000 necklace stolen

Singer jokes about being a criminal at a show and has a R0,000 necklace stolen

The singer reported that the necklace was stolen when her isolation cord was broken when getting off the electric trio, in Santa Inês, Maranhão| Photo: Reproduction/Social media

After performing at the Maranhão Carnival and being applauded after saying phrases like “those who like marginalized people make noise!”, singer Manu Bahtidão reported that her R$100,000 diamond necklace was stolen at the end of the show. The case occurred on Sunday night (11) in the city of Santa Inês, about 250 kilometers from São Luiz.

At the venue, the singer from Alagoas returned to the microphone after the performance to report the theft, say she was very sad and offer a reward of R$10,000 to anyone who returned the jewelry.

However, the necklace was not returned, and Manu published an outburst on social media: “I’m so devastated,” she said. “They stole my necklace on the way down from the tram, broke into the cord, and grabbed my necklace from underneath.”

The images went viral on social media and were shared with questions such as those from São Paulo councilor and political scientist Fernando Holiday. “Hey, weren’t the criminals nice?” he wrote in the caption of the video, which received more than 4 thousand comments.

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