Silvio Santos Group proposes to SP City Hall to sell land for Parque do Bixiga for R$ 80 million – 04/03/2024 – Panel

Silvio Santos Group proposes to SP City Hall to sell land for Parque do Bixiga for R$ 80 million – 04/03/2024 – Panel


José Roberto dos Santos Maciel, president of the Silvio Santos Group, sent a letter to the mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB), in which he states that the company is willing to accept a proposal of around R$80 million for the sale of the land to the construction of the Bixiga River Municipal Park.

The land is located in the central region of São Paulo and has been the subject of dispute for more than four decades between Teatro Oficina and the TV presenter’s company, which intended to build three buildings for commercial and residential use on the site.

In the document to which the Panel had access, Maciel states that it is public knowledge that the group had real estate projects in the location. However, he writes, legal disputes in recent years have “consumed the expenditure of enormous amounts” and delayed the realization of the plans.

Therefore, says the text, the group would be willing to accept the value of R$80 million for the space. The municipal management must now evaluate the proposal.

“We are urged to review this purpose of ours [de construir no local]and considering all the investments made, expenses incurred and the constructive real estate potential, we are willing to consider a proposal for the sale of said land at around R$80 million”, says the document.

The presentation of a proposal with a specific value may represent another step in the evolution of the negotiations, as the Silvio Santos Group has always insisted on its purpose of developing a real estate project in the location.

In March, the São Paulo Court approved a R$1 billion agreement signed between the Public Ministry, the city hall and Uninove (Nove de Julho University) according to which R$51 million would be used to purchase this land.

The implementation of the park was a dream of director Zé Celso, founder of Teatro Oficina who died in July 2023.

With the support of intellectuals, artists and politicians, the SBT owner’s real estate venture was blocked in court and by heritage preservation bodies.

Civil society entities, such as Appit (Association of Owners and Protectors of Listed Properties) and Samorcc (Society of Friends and Residents of Cerqueira César), also took up the fight for the installation of the park.

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