Sesi offers special services for women in Amazonas

Sesi offers special services for women in Amazonas



Sesi Amazonas offers a series of special service packages aimed at women

Manaus (AM) — Thinking about women’s health and well-being, Sesi Amazonas offers a series of special service packages aimed at women, which include gynecological consultation and exams, nutritional consultation and examination, dermatological consultation, dental evaluation, as well as aesthetic procedures such as lymphatic drainage and modeling massage.

According to SESISAÚDE gynecologist, Maria Luiza Petillo, the Ministry of Health recommends that women, aged 40 and over, undergo a mammography exam once a year, as recommended by the Brazilian Society of Mastology as the best form of screening for cancer prevention. breast.

Petillo also highlights that, from the age of 25, it is extremely important for women to carry out an annual preventive measure, following medical recommendations, preferably in a liquid medium, which is the most suitable preventive measure for visualizing cells.

“Amazonas is in first place in the ranking of cervical cancer. Therefore, there is a great need for women in our state to undergo detailed examinations, as this way, any type of change will be discovered early on, preventing the patient from reaching the stage of cancer”,

highlights the gynecologist.

Sesi’s nutritionist, Noemi Martins Tamborini, shares that food influences women’s health in several ways.

“Above the age of 40, our body produces less estrogen, metabolism slows down and we enter the decade in which we begin to lose up to 8% of muscle mass. At this stage, good nutritional guidance can help the patient to consume foods rich in calcium, fiber and also soy derivatives, which are rich in isoflavones and have an action similar to that of estrogen, which can alleviate menopause symptoms”,

explains Tamborine.

According to the nutritionist, a healthy diet is of fundamental importance to prevent diseases, and must be based on healthy eating practices with the consumption of regional foods (vegetables, greens and fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber) in a varied and colorful diet. , which brings together all types of foods without exaggeration or exclusions.

“We know that all these foods offer many benefits for women’s health, but the ideal is to always seek help from a professional to carry out an individualized assessment and prescription, according to your nutritional needs”, he points out.

Speaking about the advantages of good nutrition combined with aesthetic procedures, SESI massage therapist, Márcia Gomes, states that modeling massage is a procedure that aims to improve skin texture, improve cellulite and help “shape” the body during weight loss process, reducing measurements. Gomes also highlights the function of lymphatic drainage, which helps remove liquids accumulated in the body.

“Drainage has the function of removing this liquid or making it move around the body and, thus, be eliminated through urine or perspiration”,

details the massage therapist.

Check below for more details on the special packages and for more information, call the SESISAÚDE call center at: (92) 3182-9925.

Package 1 – Check-up

  • Consultation with a gynecologist
  • Transvaginal and thyroid ultrasound
  • Preventive
  • Dental evaluation

Package 2 – Your moment

  • 1 modeling massage
  • 1 lymphatic drainage
  • Dental evaluation

Package 3 – Shape ok

  • Consultation with a nutritionist
  • Bioimpedance exam
  • Dental evaluation

Package 4 – You Shiny

  • Consultation with a dermatologist
  • Dental evaluation

*With information from consultancy

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