Senator denounces influencer who called people from Santa Catarina “Nazis”

Senator denounces influencer who called people from Santa Catarina “Nazis”

After receiving numerous messages regarding a video on social media with hate speech against the population of Santa Catarina, senator Jorge Seif Junior (PL-SC) presented criminal news to the Public Ministry of Santa Catarina and publicized the case on social media.

In the post published this Tuesday (19), the parliamentarian states that an influencer on the social network Tik Tok, resident of the city of Guarulhos, in São Paulo, made serious accusations against Santa Catarina and “shared criminal material”.

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The video cited by the senator is four minutes long and was posted with the title “Because Santa Catarina voted heavily for Bolsonaro”. In it, the author states that “fascists and Nazis from Europe took refuge in Santa Catarina” and that “this was rooted in the state’s DNA”, that is, the electorate of Santa Catarina would be “fascist, Nazi and prejudiced”.

The man also stated that the Military Police and the Public Ministry would “turn a blind eye” to these crimes and that it would be necessary to “put an end to the large cell so that the small ones do not proliferate”, he cited. “A hateful and xenophobic speech, something unacceptable”, countered the senator.

Therefore, in the text sent to the state’s Criminal Justice Prosecutor’s Office, Jorge Seif Junior points out that the statements represented “a severe attack on the democratic order and state institutions” and that they caused “intolerable injuries to fundamental values, honor and the image of society Santa Catarina”.

He also reveals that other attacks were made by social media users in reaction to the video and that this could open space for “the possible occurrence of crime against the population and institutions of Santa Catarina, as well as possible harm to the community”.

2022 elections in Santa Catarina

In the last presidential elections, more than 69% of Santa Catarina voters voted for the candidate for president of the republic Jair Bolsonaro, representative of the right, something completely common in a democratic state of law, where there is free choice to vote.

However, “unequivocally, the author practiced, incited and induced discrimination against the population of Santa Catarina due to their political ideology, their ethnicity and their origin (German and Italian)”, informed the senator in the document sent to the MP, citing that it is a crime to “practice, induce or incite discrimination or prejudice based on race, color, ethnicity, religion or national origin”, in accordance with Article 20 of Law No. 7,716/89.

The penalty for this offense is imprisonment of one to three years and a fine, and can reach five years if “it is committed through the media of social communication, publication on social networks, the world wide web or publication of any nature ”, concludes the parliamentarian.

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