Secretary resigns and opens crisis in Nunes’ management – 05/26/2023 – Panel

Secretary resigns and opens crisis in Nunes’ management – 05/26/2023 – Panel

João Farias, municipal secretary of Housing under the Ricardo Nunes (MDB) administration, resigned this Friday (26), exposing a crisis that has been dragging on since the beginning of May in municipal management.

Internally, Farias and the director-president of Cohab, João Cury, have been at odds over a yet-to-be-published decree for the expropriation of an area and the construction of a housing project in Cidade Tiradentes, east of São Paulo.

In a strong discussion on the subject of the decree at the beginning of May, Farias and Cury even got excited. According to some reports to the Panel, there was swearing and screaming, and the two had to be restrained. Others say it was an argument.

The housing area is considered strategic for Nunes, who is betting on building houses to boost his chances of re-election next year.

The crisis could also spill over into Nunes’ arc of alliances for re-election, since Farias is an important São Paulo leader in the Republicans, the party of governor Tarcísio de Freitas.

Sought by the Panel, the resigning secretary said he will provide more details on the matter on Monday (29). According to him, the trigger for his decision to leave was the fact that members of the city hall were releasing a distorted version of the tension.

Internally, the Housing Secretary has criticized Cury and the Government Secretary, Edson Aparecido, both from the MDB, for drafting a decree that would expropriate land in Cidade Tiradentes and open the doors for a specific company to maintain its participation in the housing program Pode To enter. Without the decree, the company would be disqualified.

According to Farias has argued, the decree would undermine the fairness of the process by harming equal conditions of competition. On the verge of publication of the decree, he told Nunes that he would leave the city hall if the text appeared in the Official Gazette, which has not yet occurred.

Farias then sought out Marcos Pereira, national president of the Republicans, who called the mayor and began to intervene in the matter. At the time, they proposed an alternative to Nunes: if the Municipal Attorney General said that the decree would not harm anyone, he would remain in office after the text was published. The secretary published a photo of the meeting on his social networks.

On the other hand, in a similar accusation, the statement is that Farias would be creating non-existent difficulties for other companies to take over the enterprise in Cidade Tiradentes. Cury’s group has claimed that city hall technicians have corroborated his position that the project should undergo at least an initial analysis.

In a meeting with Cury, the technicians and the mayor, the Housing Secretary countered and said that the issue is not technical, but legal.

Cury’s interlocutors also say that Farias undermined the mayor’s authority by looking for Marcos Pereira to resolve the imbroglio, and for that reason they had been demanding his exoneration.

In a note, Cury said that he had “no discussion with Secretary João Farias, much less with name calling, until it came to blows.”

About Pode Entra, he stated that “the projects are being analyzed and there is an interdisciplinary commission that analyzes and approves them or not, and I am not part of it.”

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