Secretariat for Women proposes actions to reduce gender violence in Oiapoque – News of Brazil

Secretariat for Women proposes actions to reduce gender violence in Oiapoque – News of Brazil

The State Secretariat for Public Policies for Women (SEPM) proposes security and social assistance actions to reduce gender violence in the city of Oiapoque, on the border between Brazil and France, in the north of the state.

A SEPM team is in the municipality on Monday, the 14th, and Tuesday, the 15th, to provide services and learn more about the reality and needs of the residents. The action is part of the program March of Struggles: building a new time, by the Government of Amapá.

According to the Military Police of Amapá, the neighborhoods of Planalto and Infraero, in Oiapoque, registered a 25% increase in cases of violence against women, in the comparison between 2022 and 2021.

Sepm’s goal is to expand protection and, consequently, reduce high rates. For this, it has the cooperation of the Women’s Assistance Network (RAM), a system formed by public security, health and social assistance agencies to defend and welcome the female public.

One of the proposals is to reactivate the Lilac Room at the Oiapoque Police Station. The space is a guarantee of the Maria da Penha Law to welcome victims of domestic and family violence in a more humane way.

Other actions are: service aimed at riverside women; training for the technical team; and educational workshops for male aggressors. It is also possible to partner with Operation Horus, focused on border security, with a focus on monitoring protective measures.

The Secretary for Women, Adrianna Ramos, reinforced the importance of this planning taking place jointly with the community, social movements and women’s defense entities.

“Knowing the reality of women residing on the border is important to outline action strategies, seeking to reduce these numbers”stressed the secretary.

For the delegate from Oiapoque, Charles Corrêa, the presence of SEPM helps to strengthen actions to protect women.

“Amapá needs a different policy for women, strong action focused on education, because here in Oiapoque the soil is fertile for innovative ideas. The Civil Police is available to help in the best way, as we still have a lot to do and improve to improve the reception of women”reinforced Correa.

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