São Paulo controls Flamengo in Rio and opens up an advantage in the Copa do Brasil decision – 09/17/2023 – Sports

São Paulo controls Flamengo in Rio and opens up an advantage in the Copa do Brasil decision – 09/17/2023 – Sports

São Paulo took an important step, on Sunday afternoon (17), in an attempt to win the Copa do Brasil for the first time. The tricolor team controlled Flamengo for most of the first game of the decision, at Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro, and came out ahead: 1-0, the score determined by a header from Argentine striker Calleri.

The formation led by Dorival Júnior proved to be much more cohesive and better organized than the group led by Jorge Sampaoli. The visitors had clear superiority in the first half and knew how to take advantage of the space offered by their opponent. In the final stage, more tired, they adopted a conservative strategy and had efficient marking.

The champion will be announced next Sunday (24), at Morumbi, in São Paulo. The São Paulo team will play with the advantage of a draw to lift the trophy. The Rio team will have to win by at least two goals or win by one goal and try their luck in the penalty shootout.

The first half presented a clear design. It wasn’t difficult to see that one team was much more organized than the other. Calmly, even in front of a packed Maracanã, São Paulo controlled the ball and reached the left side with some ease, where Caio Paulista and Rodrigo Nestor formed a good partnership.

Flamengo showed fragility in the sector, as Gabigol, played on the right in attack, did not follow Caio. It was there that the first dangerous move of the match appeared. Nestor received it from Caio and crossed to Calleri. In this attempt, Matheus Cunha made the save. Later, he would not have the same success.

The red and black team relied on a strong attacking trio, with Gabigol alongside Pedro and Bruno Henrique. But there was no one to support them, and the team had difficulty keeping the ball. Until the break, there were only two good arrivals, with an important participation from Gerson, but no submissions.

Visitors were more dangerous. And they insisted on the left, where they found a lot of space. In the 40th minute, Nestor shot from there, Calleri and Wellington Rato were close to reaching the ball at the second post. At 46, again, Nestor received it from Caio and crossed freely. Ayrton Lucas fell, Matheus Cunha got in the way. Calleri headed the ball into the net.

Jorge Sampaoli didn’t even wait for halftime to go to the locker room. He then replaced Victor Hugo with Everton Ribeiro, which greatly increased Flamengo’s creativity. It changed the outlook of the game a lot. São Paulo lost control of the ball and, clearly worn out, preferred to adopt a defensive strategy.

Most of the time, the team demonstrated security. Dorival removed the most tired players, such as Rodrigo Nestor and Alisson. Sampaoli looked for alternatives like Everton Cebolinha. There were few high-danger moves, in which Bruno Henrique and Everton failed in preparation for the conclusion.

The red and black fans – there were more than 67 thousand spectators at Maracanã – left the stadium frustrated, booing the players and insulting president Rodolfo Landim. They began when the game’s income was announced, exceeding R$26 million, thanks to very high prices.

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