Santo Grão launches micro-lot coffee from an award-winning area in BA – 02/09/2024 – Café na Prensa

Santo Grão launches micro-lot coffee from an award-winning area in BA – 02/09/2024 – Café na Prensa

The São Paulo coffee shop chain Santo Grão launched a micro-lot of coffee from Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia.

Grown in Piatã (550 km from Salvador), at an altitude of 1,350 meters, the Diamante microlot is an Arabica of the red catuaí variety and has 90.5 points on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) sensory evaluation scale, according to the company.

In addition to the citrus acidity characteristic of beans from the Bahian plateau, the coffee has notes of jasmine, honey and passion fruit.

Chapada Diamantina has emerged as a region producing coffees with high sensorial complexity for some years. As a result, it has been a constant presence in the Brazilian edition of the Cup of Excellence, an award that is considered the “Oscar” of coffee farming.

The microlot is now available in physical stores and e-commerce (R$ 65, 200 g).

Seth Rogen’s Marijuana Accessories Company Launches Coffee

Houseplant, actor Seth Rogen’s marijuana accessories company, has partnered with Cometeer to launch Houseplant Coffee.

In addition to two special lots grown in Mexico and Ethiopia, the company launched a kit with a cup and an ashtray to combine the consumption of two products that are Rogen’s passions.

The company clarifies that the coffees do not contain THC (psychoactive substance in Cannabis). “It’s just really good coffee,” Houseplant’s statement reads.

“We love coffee and cannabis because, simply put, we would rather die than live in a world without them. Seriously. If you took either of them away from us, we would dissipate like dust in the wind,” says the actor and comedian’s company.

Like other Houseplant products, the line of coffees and accessories is currently only available for delivery in the United States.


Brazil exported 3.961 million bags of 60 kg of coffee in January 2024, a volume that is considered a historical record for the first month of the year, according to a report released this Friday (9) by Cecafé (Council of Coffee Exporters of Brazil).

The value represents an increase of 39% compared to shipments from the same month in 2023.

The increase was driven by shipments abroad of the canephora species (conilon and robusta varieties). Despite having a much smaller volume than Arabica, the grains of this species showed an increase of 503.5%, mainly due to crop failures in Indonesia and Vietnam – the first and third largest producers of camphor in the world, respectively.

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