Released, sentenced to 15 years in prison for robbery and rape, stabs Argentine woman to death

Released, sentenced to 15 years in prison for robbery and rape, stabs Argentine woman to death

Argentine Florencia Aranguren was stabbed to death on Wednesday (6) in Búzios (RJ).| Photo: Reproduction/Social networks.

The suspect of stabbing Argentine Florencia Aranguren to death, in Búzios (RJ), had already been convicted of robbery and rape, in Pernambuco, in 2009. Florencia was killed this Wednesday morning (6) while walking with her dog on the trail to Praia José Gonçalves. During the investigation, still in the morning, the Military Police arrested Carlos José de França for the crime.

He already had five criminal notes on his record. In 2009, França was sentenced to 15 years in prison, initially in a closed regime, for robbing and raping a teenager. On that occasion, he used a firearm to approach the teenager and two friends when they were returning from school, in the city of Quipapá (PE).

The 15-year-old victim told the court that she had no money and handed over her cell phone, but Carlos José de França was dissatisfied and took the girl to a deserted place, where he raped her. Subsequently, the man would have progressed from regime to semi-open, the newspaper reported. The globe. He also has convictions for theft and bodily harm in Rio de Janeiro.

Florencia, 31 years old, had moved to Búzios three days before the crime. Last Wednesday morning, she would have crossed paths with França, who was cycling in the region. According to investigations, the man was found hours after the crime trying to wash blood stains from his clothes. Taken to the place where the Argentine woman’s body was, the police noticed that Florencia’s dog tried to attack França. Police obtained footage from security cameras near the scene. Furthermore, the clothes the suspect wore that day were sent for forensic examination. With the evidence, the police ordered França’s arrest in the act.

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