Randolfe opens square in Laranjal do Jari and announces more investments – News of Brazil

Randolfe opens square in Laranjal do Jari and announces more investments – News of Brazil

Last Saturday (11), Randolfe Rodrigues was in Laranjal do Jari to participate in the delivery of Praça da Juventude, which was completely renovated and expanded.

The senator allocated, through a parliamentary amendment, the amount of R$1.6 million for renovation and expansion of the space. The work was carried out by Laranjal do Jari City Hall. The then acting governor of the state, Alliny Serrão, and the mayor, Márcio Serrão, participated in the program.

Randolfe celebrated the important moment for the Laranjal community. “It’s great to see the resources we managed to allocate being well used. Laranjal needed this democratic space and it will raise the self-esteem of residents. Congratulations to Mayor Márcio Serrão for the delivery!”said the senator.

Marcelo Vasconcelos Youth Square

Praça da Juventude Marcelo Vasconcelos has an amphitheater, changing rooms, bathrooms, snack bar, skate park, synthetic grass arena, covered multi-sports court and sand court. The surrounding public promenade has also been completely revitalized.

Social assistance

During the inauguration of the square, the senator handed over a symbolic check for the investment of more than R$2.5 million for the municipality’s Social Assistance in 2023.

The amounts were divided as follows: R$600 thousand to fund social programs; R$ 910 thousand for the purchase of vehicles (minibus, pickup truck and car); R$ 727 thousand for the construction of the Social Assistance Reference Center building, CRAS; and also organized the donation of another van worth R$ 310 thousand, with the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance.

The senator also visited the works of the Guardianship Council and the House of Councils, which are being built with resources from a parliamentary amendment of Randolfe Rodrigues.

Bakery Road

On a visit to Cachoeira de Santo Antônio, the senator Randolfe He also spoke about the parliamentary amendment of R$5.6 million for the construction of the road in the Padaria community.

“This road will benefit not only the nearby communities, but also provide ecotourism to visit the waterfall. It is an investment thinking about mobility and tourism to develop the region”reported Randolfe.

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