President of TRE-RJ distributes medals at the end of his term – 03/15/2023 – Frederico Vasconcelos

President of TRE-RJ distributes medals at the end of his term – 03/15/2023 – Frederico Vasconcelos

The president of the Regional Electoral Court of Rio de Janeiro, judge Elton Leme, distributed medals to 28 “authorities and personalities who rendered relevant services to the Electoral Justice, to the electoral legal culture and to democracy”.

Eleven honorees are ministers of the Superior Court of Justice.

Leme is quoted as one of those interested in the vacancy of Jorge Mussi, retired minister of the STJ. He would seek the support of Minister Gilmar Mendes, of the Federal Supreme Court, present at the ceremony last Friday (10).

The STJ has not yet opened registrations. Leme competed in previous lists and was not chosen. In 2013, he ran for minister Massami Uyeda.

Leme ends his mandate this Wednesday (15). Repeats Dias Toffoli who, at the end of his term as president of the Superior Electoral Court, created and distributed 112 medals, with public spending estimated at R$ 240 thousand.

personal choices

The names of the honorees were indicated by Leme and unanimously approved in a plenary session of the Board of TRE-RJ.

Medals were awarded to the following members of the STJ [um terço do colegiado]:

Maria Thereza de Assis Moura; Benedito Gonçalves; João Otávio de Noronha; Humberto Martins; Herman Benjamin; Raul Araújo; Paulo de Tarso Sanseverino; Isabel Galloti; Luiz Alberto Gurgel de Faria (Rio de Janeiro Electoral Justice Merit Medal); Luis Felipe Salomão It is Mauro Campbell (Commemorative Medal for the 90th Anniversary of Electoral Justice).

The ministers of the STJ Ricardo Villas Bôas Cueva, Marco Aurélio Bellizze Oliveira, Antonio Saldanha Palheiro and Messod Azulay Neto participated in the act.

TRE-RJ informs that Leme “highlighted the contributions to the strengthening of Electoral Justice provided by the honorees”. Ministers Og Fernandes and Jorge Mussi (retired), who provided services to the Electoral Justice, were not nominated. Both were magistrates of the Superior Electoral Court.

Gurgel de Faria does not have a prominent role in the Electoral Justice. In 2010, he received the Tavares de Lyra Electoral Merit Medal from the Rio Grande do Norte TRE.

Humberto Martins was substitute minister of the TSE (2013/2014), substitute judge, effective judge and vice-president of TRE-AL, for the class of judges. He served as regional electoral corregidor and director of the Electoral Judiciary School of Alagoas.

On the day that Martins received the TRE-RJ medal, the newspaper Tribune Todayfrom Maceió, published a photo of the tribute held in Rio de Janeiro.

Elections and vandalism

The ceremony at TRE-RJ marked the inauguration of the Great Hall of the Palace of Democracy, the court’s future headquarters.

In a speech, the president of the TSE, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, commented on the 2022 elections and the vandalism of Bolsonarist groups: “We prepare for attacks and violence against institutions, with a serious and impartial response against disinformation and the speech of hatred”.

The honored ministers, Rosa Weber and Maria Thereza de Assis Moura, presidents of the STF and STJ, respectively, did not participate in the event.

Medals were awarded to, among others, the governor of Rio, Cláudio Castro, the military commander of the East, Army General André Luis Novaes Miranda; the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes and the secretary of Federative Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic, André Ceciliano.

The blog asked the president of TRE-RJ to comment on the court’s press office.

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