Portuguese blogger evaluates Macapá destination – News of Brazil

Portuguese blogger evaluates Macapá destination – News of Brazil


Cléber Barbosa
Politics Editor

Anyone who operates inbound tourism in Amapá must certainly be curious to know the opinion of those who leave regarding what they saw, what they heard and what they ate here. Then News of Brazil discovered a repository of careful analyzes about the trips that Portuguese blogger Filipe Morato Gomes takes around the world, one of which included Amapá. In addition to this page, he maintains a portal called “Hotelâdia”, where the best examples of Portuguese hospitality are published, and where he gives workshops on Travel Writing.

Arrival – “In Macapá, it is a pleasant 35 degrees. The joke, as a welcome, was happily transmitted by a good-natured captain of the plane between Brasília and Macapá, the capital of Amapá. It was 10:30 in the morning of my first day in the State, and soon the first references to the geographical condition of Macapá were heard: the city is crossed by the Equator. If this means a lot of sun and heat, touristically it is a tremendous attraction”.

Middle of the World – “Ecuador’s Ground Zero, a monument that glorifies the location, is one of the city’s main tourist attractions and even the most important football stadium has the field’s dividing line perfectly aligned with the Equator. The people of Amapá remember him with pride. On the days I wandered [perambulei] through the streets of the city, I burst into “Marco Zero” just because it was Equinox Day, an excuse for a popular gathering complete with music bands and official speeches”.

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