Jota Pê brings intimate presentation to Manaus

Jota Pê brings intimate presentation to Manaus


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The artistic presentation is part of the Amazônia Música & Conexão project, created by the Manaus cultural producer Audi Arruda

Manaus (AM) — The singer, composer and guitarist from São Paulo, Jota Pê, will do a show in Manaus next Thursday (4) at the Teatro Gebes Medeiros, starting at 7pm, and will feature a pre-show by Amazonian singer Bel Martine, who returns to stages on Manaus soil after a period in São Paulo. The artistic presentation is part of the Amazônia Música & Conexão project, created by the Manaus cultural producer Audi Arruda.

Jota Pê recently released the album “If my chest was the world”, fulfilling expectations and consolidating himself as one of the great names in Brazilian popular music. The album features collaborations with the trio Gilsons, Xênia França, as well as composition partnerships with João Cavalcanti, Nina Oliveira, Theodoro Nagô and the version of Emicida’s hit. This release solidifies Jota Pê as a multifaceted and inspiring artist.

Singer Jota Pê’s show will be a more intimate presentation and ensures that this format provides a conversation with the public, allowing people to talk about the stories surrounding the compositions.

“It’s the first time I’m going to the North and I’m very happy. It is very rewarding for any artist to travel and be welcomed in new places for the work they do. I’m really looking forward to getting to know this audience and how they will receive this work,”

he said.

The opening of the show will feature Bel Martine, who, through her guitar, composes narratives about her experiences as an Amazonian artist, exploring themes such as politics, identity and territory. Her latest singles, “Mira” and “Trio Elétrico”, are just a sample of what to expect from her eagerly awaited first studio album.

Bel Martine is already a well-known figure in Manaus music, with a 10-year career, and has been developing original works for the last 5 years. She currently lives in São Paulo to experience musical experiences and partnerships, like the one she made with Jota Pê.

“Returning to Manaus means being able to feel this welcome from the people who are special to me. We will remember the successes and new features of the album with a more acoustic and intimate format full of intensity”,

highlighted Bel Martine.

Bel Martine will be alongside guitarist João Felipe and music producer, Viktor Judah, on stage, with the special participation of influencer Leandrinha Duarte.

“Leandrinha is a great partner and friend who I met in SP and who was one of the people who welcomed me the most in my first year there. Leandra always encouraged me and supported my work as an artist, and when I said that I would make this return to the stage in Manaus, she immediately said that she would come to honor me and also participate in the show”,

highlighted Martine.

The meeting between Bel and Jota Pê will take place in Manaus through the Amazônia Música & Conexão project, created and implemented by the cultural production company Audi Arruda, whose objective is to promote and insert Manaus artists into the national scene, enable artistic and cultural exchanges, in addition to promoting greater reach to the cultural and musical richness of the North region.

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