polls indicate who will be eliminated in the 7th wall

polls indicate who will be eliminated in the 7th wall


Most polls indicate that motorcycle courier Juninho has a high chance of being eliminated

Photo: Rede Globo

The seventh Paredão of BBB 24 is formed between Alane, Beatriz, Isabelle and Juninho. This time the vote is to eliminate. In the original formation of the wall we had Alane, Beatriz, Isabelle, Juninho and Marcus who was saved by the round-trip test.

This is the first wall of the season in which the vote is to eliminate a participant, most of the polls indicate that Juninho should leave with around 80% rejection, however in one of the partials the one who appears in the spotlight is Alane from Pará with around 55 % of votes.

From Manaus, Isabelle Nogueira is the least voted on this wall and so far is not at risk of elimination.

Access the official website and choose the options you need vote between single vote and crowd vote.

  • Poll Folha de S.Paulo
  • Alane: 12%
  • Beatriz: 6%
  • Isabelle: 2%
  • Juninho: 80%
  • UOL poll
  • Alane: 55.66%
  • Beatriz: 1.97%
  • Isabelle: 25.03%
  • Juninho: 17.34%

*With information from GZH

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