Podcast interviews minister Silvio Almeida – Folha – 09/21/2023 – Podcasts

Podcast interviews minister Silvio Almeida – Folha – 09/21/2023 – Podcasts

Faced with the pragmatism that the Lula (PT) government prioritized when carrying out a ministerial reform to accommodate names from the center on the Esplanada, the Minister of Human Rights and Citizenship, Silvio Almeida, draws attention to a political battle that, in his view, should be stopped by the Executive.

“The political articulation is competent, but we need to understand that, at certain points, we will have to enter into a dispute. The task of a government is the institutional political dispute, but also an ideological dispute”, he says, in an interview with the Café podcast in the morning. “We need to show that interests considered to be lateral and of minority groups are of national interest — they concern the way in which people establish their lives.”

The moment, in fact, is one of battles being fought in the area of ​​human rights in Congress, the Federal Supreme Court and between the Powers, such as the debate on the decriminalization of marijuana possession — while the STF advances with a judgment on the subject, the The Senate can vote on a project that criminalizes the possession of any drug.

“The Supreme Court’s decision could be a turning point for the establishment of a rationality around this debate. That knows how to separate user from drug dealer and understand the effects of prison on a person’s life”, says Almeida. “But a national policy will necessarily have to pass the scrutiny of Congress, the test of the legality of the Judiciary and the execution condition of the Executive Branch.”

Still regarding the Supreme Court, the minister commented on the pressure from civil society for Lula to nominate a black woman with a progressive profile to the court.

“I believe that the president takes into account much more the political commitment to the project that consecrated him at the polls — defending democracy and human rights”, he says, citing that the first appointed by the president in this term, Cristiano Zanin, meets these criteria . The magistrate was criticized by PT allies for his first positions in court.

In the interview, Almeida also explains the caravans to monitor the situation in prisons, comments on Lula’s recent criticism of the International Criminal Court and says that he did not discuss with the president the possibility of leaving the portfolio during the ministerial reform — something that was discussed behind the scenes.

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