Podcast: how Lula reacts to the drop in approval – Folha – 03/22/2024 – Podcasts

Podcast: how Lula reacts to the drop in approval – Folha – 03/22/2024 – Podcasts


After a year and three months of government, 35% of Brazilians consider the work of President Lula (PT) to be excellent or good. Datafolha research, carried out with 2,002 interviews in 147 cities, showed that 33% rate management as bad or terrible and 30% as average. It is the first time that there is a technical tie, due to the margin of error, between rejection and approval.

At a ministerial meeting this week, Lula said he has not been impressed by opinion polls since 1989 — when he ran for President for the first time. But the tone of the meeting was demanding the government’s defense. Surveys by Ipec and Genial/Quaest this month had indicated a worsening in the president’s approval rating.

At the meeting, organized to take stock of the management and discuss next steps, the PT member gave clues as to what he sees as points of attention today. The president asked ministers to travel more around the country and be more active on social media to better communicate measures and programs.

This Friday’s episode of Café da Manhã (22) analyzes Lula’s popularity. The editor of the Panel column, from SheetFábio Zanini, explains how the government intends to act after the latest research.

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