Podcast: back to school and mental health in schools – Folha – 02/05/2024 – Podcasts

Podcast: back to school and mental health in schools – Folha – 02/05/2024 – Podcasts

The school year in Brazil, largely started in the last few days, must take a closer look at a topic that has already been appearing in the school environment in recent years: mental health. The return to school coincides with the entry into force of the National Policy for Psychosocial Care in School Communities.

The program concentrates initiatives in areas such as education, social assistance and health to offer care and support to students, parents and guardians, teachers and staff. The challenge will be to get the actions off the ground: a sector project, the School Health Program, was created in 2007 and today only reaches 55% of basic education institutions.

Analysts say that public policies are falling short of a growing need, as since the pandemic there has been a worsening in the mental health of children and adolescents. In the school environment, this situation is worsened by the recent increase in cases of violence: since February 2022, there have been at least 21 attacks committed by students or former students.

This Monday’s Breakfast (5) discusses mental health care policies in schools. In an interview with the podcast, psychiatrist Rodrigo Bressan, president of the Ame Sua Mente institute, analyzes how state initiatives can improve the educational environment.

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