opposition activates PGR against MTST publication

opposition activates PGR against MTST publication


Federal deputy Paulo Bilynskyj (PL-SP) files a lawsuit against Guilherme Boulos (Psol-SP).| Photo: Rafa Neddermeyer/Agência Brasil

This Saturday (30), the federal deputy Paulo Bilynskyj (PL-SP) sued the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) against the pre-candidate for mayor of São Paulo Guilherme Boulos (Psol-SP), due to the publication of the Homeless Workers Movement (MTST) about Easter.

On Good Friday, the movement published on X (old Twitter) the image of Jesus Christ crucified, accompanied by the inscription “a good criminal is a dead criminal” attributed to three Roman soldiers. The post went viral within minutes and caused outrage on social media.

“Boulos is the national coordinator of the MTST, so he is responsible for the movement’s stances. On Good Friday, the anniversary of the date on which Jesus Christ was crucified, they publish a cartoon saying that the Roman soldiers, referring to Jesus Christ as a criminal, commits the crime of article 208 of the Penal Code when he outrages Christian worship . He is acting in one of the most sacred moments for Christianity. Trying against Christianity is a criminal form, and he needs to be held responsible”, said the parliamentarian to People’s Gazette.

In the crime notice filed by Bilynskyj, the document asks for punishment based on the article 208 of the Penal Code. “The conduct practiced by the MTST conforms to the crime provided for in art. 208 of the Penal Code, considering that the agent, through his manifestation on social media, publicly vilified an object of religious worship”, says the document.

The federal deputy and one of the MTST leaders, Guilherme Boulos, stated in X that they distorted the publication and attacked the mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB). “Ricardo Nunes took Good Friday to distort the post of a social movement and create moral terrorism. This shows that his alliance with Bolsonarism is not just electoral. It is about principle and method. Not to mention that his personal and political trajectory is far from that of the exemplary Christian he tries to sell. We have already seen this film in 2022. And the truth prevailed over Fake News. It will be like that again in this year’s elections.”

In justifying the post, the movement published that the correct interpretation of the message was not made. “The lack of interpretation of the image and message in this post is surprising. To help, we recommend reading Luke, chapter 23”, said the MTST on X.


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