Oktoberfest in Munich, Blumenau, SP or South; get ready – 09/13/2023 – Full Glass

Oktoberfest in Munich, Blumenau, SP or South;  get ready – 09/13/2023 – Full Glass

This Friday (15), Bayern Munich faces Bayer Leverkusen in the great “bayers classic” of the German Championship. But the most anticipated event in the Bavarian capital over the weekend takes place the following day, Saturday (16), when another Oktoberfest, the biggest beer event in the world, will begin.

Yes, despite the name “oktober” the party takes place almost entirely in September in Germany. The first party was in 1810 and, according to legend, it was brought forward to the previous month in 1904 due to bad weather conditions in October.

In Brazil, the main party takes place in Blumenau. But other cities in the southern region have very traditional Oktobers. And São Paulo is now in its sixth edition. Below, check out some information about Munich and five similar beer festivals here.


From September 16th to October 3rd, in Theresienwiese

Mother of all Oktobers, the Munich festival was born in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of King Ludwig 1st (hooray for the young man).

The large open space of Theresienwiese, near the Central station, usually receives more than 6 million brewers, but only around 15% of the public comes from abroad — the record set in 1985, when 7.1 million filled their beer, still stands. Here you will find the six official beers of the event, all brewed within the city limits: Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner and Spaten (purely alphabetical order, unrelated to preference).

And how much does it cost to see the party? Anything. Neither to enter Theresienwiese nor to enter the beer tents. You only pay for what you consume. But, if you don’t make a reservation, it’s best to avoid peak times or days. All tents have an audience limit.

More information on the website www.oktoberfest.de/en and on Instagram @oktoberfest

Blumenau (SC)

From October 4th to 22nd, at Parque Vila Germânica

The biggest Oktoberfest in Brazil received 731 thousand people in 2009. Last year, there were 634 thousand visitors, a number that the organization hopes to surpass. To this end, the event, in its 38th edition, will have its space expanded by more than 3,000 square meters, with the construction of a new deck, an action aimed at accessibility and pet friendly days. This year, Ambev outbid Heineken and, as a result, Spaten beer (one of the six official beer in Munich) is the official brand. But there is also space for local crafts, such as Alles Blau, Cervejaria Blumenau, Holzbier, Wunder Bier and Scholer’s Bier, as well as neighboring Schornstein, in Pomerode — Ambev will also provide points with free water to refresh your head and spirits, when necessary. .

Unlike most Oktobers, here the party is daily, with free entry on several occasions, including Mondays, Tuesdays, the first day of the event (4) and the last (22). Ticket prices vary between R$11 (half) and R$60 (full), depending on the day. In the Spaten box, with exclusive shows, open bar (including beers and drinks) and open food, the price can reach R$800. More information on the website oktoberfestblumenau.com.br and on Instagram @oktoberfest_blumenau.

Sao Paulo-SP)

From October 6th to 22nd, at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium

After welcoming almost 62 thousand people in 2022, the sixth edition of the São Paulo version of the party returns to the Ginásio do Ibirapuera. After two years of Spaten, the official beer this time is Paulaner, which is also among the six official beer in Munich — Eisenbahn completes the beer lineup. In São Paulo, in addition to the main stage (Biertent), there are spaces such as the Biergarten, a rich gastronomic area, a rock stage and the New Tent, dedicated to folklore performances and the German Olympics. Banda Eva (6), Péricles (7), Ira (20) and Falamansa (22) are among the varied musical attractions.

Tickets from R$65. More information on the website saopaulooktoberfest.com.br and on Instagram @saopaulooktoberfest

Santa Cruz do Sul (RS)

From October 5th to 22nd, at Oktoberfest Park

The city of Rio Grande do Sul hosts one of the biggest Oktobers in the country, which is already in its 38th edition. In 2022 there were around 400 thousand people, and the expectation for this year is to reach the mark of half a million visitors. On festival Sundays, which even have a theme (Our History, Our Future), there are parades as popular as those at carnival schools. The official beer of the event will be Eisenbahn from Santa Catarina, which belongs to the Heineken group. Alexandre Pires (20) and Maiara and Maraísa (21) are the main names in the musical attractions at the beer tent.

The ticket price varies depending on the day (the most expensive costs R$37). There is also a sale of Permanents, valid for every day. More information on the website oktoberfestsantacruz.com.br and on Instagram oktoberfestsantacruz.

Little Church (RS)

From October 20th to 29th, at Parque de Eventos Almiro Grings

The party is now in its 34th edition. In the most recent one, in 2022, it received 162 thousand people over two weekends. Just like last year, the main beer is also Eisenbahn. An attraction here is the presence of well-known names in the musical lineup, such as Alexandre Pires (22nd), Wesley Safadão (27th) and Luan Santana (29th) — but next to the main tent, the Oktober Pub is dedicated to rock. The party also features typical cuisine, parades and dances, a beer contest in the metro, an amusement park and the like.

Ticket price may vary. On the 29th (Luan Santana show), it goes from R$22 (half) to R$462 (Eisenbahn box, with open bar and open food). More information on the website oktoberfest.org.br.

Marechal Cândido Rondon (PR)

From October 26th to 28th, at the Marechal Cândido Rondon Events Center

Even on the official website, there is still not much information about the party in the city of Paraná, which is called “the friendliest in Brazil”. The official launch will only be on 9/30, but it is already known that the event will feature traditional bands from Blumenau, such as Madame Frau (formed only by women) and Cavalinho, a reference in the largest Oktober. Last year, local craft beers were served at the event. There is still no information about ticket sales, but it is possible to see the news on the website oktoberfestmarechal.com.br and on Instagram @oktoberfestmarechal.

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