Edilson Santana takes songs to Terra da Garoa and announces DVD recording

Edilson Santana takes songs to Terra da Garoa and announces DVD recording


Scheduled to take place in November, the recording of the DVD should bring together those passionate about the Caprichoso and Garantido oxen

Arujá (SP) – On Tuesday, the official singer of Boi Garantido, Edilson Santana, captivated a large audience in Arujá, a municipality located in Greater São Paulo, about 35 minutes from the capital of São Paulo. Accompanied by Boi do Coração na Testa’s music producer, Valdenor Filho, aka Pelado Jr., the setter announced his intention to record a DVD in Terra da Garoa.

“I just had an idea when I felt this energy in Arujá: I’m going to record a DVD with all of you here at the end of November. Let’s do it here [Arujá] and in the Capital [São Paulo]”,

declared Edilson Santana upon noticing the enthusiasm of those in love with the Parintins cattle present at the event that took place yesterday (12).

Singing for both nations, Edilson brought together the best songs of the Caprichoso and Garantido oxen. Songs such as “Vermelho”, “Tic Tic Tac”, “Viva a Cultura Popular”, “Alegria de Dançar” and “Ritmo Quente” were some of the bovine hits that captivated the audience present.

According to Edilson Santana, the idea is to record the DVD in the same place where the show took place. “We will evaluate the possibility of recording here at Marcenaria, which welcomed us so well”,

said the artist.

Tradition in Arujá

Arujá’s tradition in the boi-bumbá movement is not recent. In 1999, at a state school, an Arts teacher developed a project about the regions of Brazil with 7th grade students. From this modest project, Marize de Castro Manopeli and her students created a mini reproduction of the Parintins Festival. The project, initially small, ended up being incorporated into the city’s festivities calendar. To this day, some former students of this project are committed to keeping this passion alive, organizing boi-bumbá meetings in the city.

Present at the event with Edilson Santana, Marize, now retired, was moved when she recalled the bond established between the students and Parintins. “Knowing that a state school project has yielded good results to this day, without a shadow of a doubt, and knowing that we planted a cultural seed that has borne good fruit”,

said the teacher, who was invited to collaborate in the production of the DVD.

Scheduled to take place in November, the recording of Edilson Santana’s DVD in São Paulo should bring together not only the people from Arujá, but also other lovers of the Caprichoso and Garantido oxen from Terra da Garoa, as well as Amazonians who currently reside there.

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