Nutella Day: See where to eat sweets with hazelnut cream – 02/05/2024 – Restaurants

Nutella Day: See where to eat sweets with hazelnut cream – 02/05/2024 – Restaurants

Nutella has become synonymous with hazelnut cream and, in Brazil, it is ubiquitous on the menu of sweet shops. The item, which appeared in Italy in 1963, has its own date: this Monday (5), World Nutella Day is celebrated.

The ephemeris was established in 2007 by American blogger Sara Rosso. The paste is made from seven ingredients, including sugar, hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder and cocoa.

Loved by many and criticized by many others, Italian hazelnut cream is often used as a topping for breads, cakes, and also appears in cookies, brownies and milkshakes. Below are five desserts with Nutella to try on the date.

Zucker Bakery
The confectionery’s suggestion for the date is the tart made with a biscuit base and topped with Nutella and Ninho milk (R$ 25). Cakes, Italian straw and brownies are other sweet options.
R. Luís Góis, 185, sobreloja, Mirandópolis, south region, @doceriazucker

Italian hazelnut cream appears in several of the creations at the confectionery shop run by Leonardo Borges, in Itaim Bibi. Among the most successful are the brownie filled with Nutella (R$ 15.50) and the chocolate dough cookie with hazelnut cream filling, for R$ 17.
R. Pedroso Alvarenga, 1.192, Itaim Bibi, western region, tel. (11) 91326-3003, @flakesbrazil

Milky Moo
The house, specializing in milkshakes, prepares different flavors that contain Nutella. Examples include the so-called diva, which combines vanilla ice cream and hazelnut cream, the precious one, with vanilla ice cream, Ferrero Rocher candy and Nutella, and the alcoholic ruby, which mixes vanilla ice cream, Amarula, strawberry syrup in pieces and the hazelnut cream. Prices start at R$25 for a 300 ml glass.
Shopping Itaquera – Thev. José Pinheiro Borges, Itaquera, eastern region, @milkymoo

Mr. Cheney
The chain specializing in cookies is preparing a festival of desserts using hazelnut cream, available until this Monday (5). The selection includes chocolate chip cookies with Nutella filling (from R$ 19.50, cookies covered with Nutella and fruit (strawberry, kiwi, grape or banana), from R$ 20.50, and a chocolate waffle cheese bread covered with hazelnut cream (from R$14), among others.
R. Padre Antônio D`Angelo, 142, Casa Verde, northern region, @mrcheneyoficial

The artisanal bakery, run by baker Claudia Rezende, features babka, a sweet bread of Jewish origin, in the shape of a cube made with brioche dough and marbled with layers of Nutella. It costs R$31.
Al. Tietê, 496, Jardim Paulista, western region, WhatsApp (11) 94340-9515, @zestzing_padaria_artesanal

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