Moraes says Temer was the president with the best dialogue between the Powers “in history”

Moraes says Temer was the president with the best dialogue between the Powers “in history”


Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes stated this Wednesday (3) that former president Michel Temer (MDB) was the president who managed to have the best relationship with the Powers. Temer received the title of honorary citizen of Brasília from the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (CLDF). For Moraes, “in the history” of presidents of the Republic, none compares to Temer in the institutional dialogue in the country.

“He was a great president. Serious president, hard-working president, a president who was president and continues to be president and continues to be president of the Three Powers. If we look at the history of presidents of the Republic, we do not have any president who matches President Michel Temer in the quality of dialogue with all Powers”, said Moraes when speaking at the ceremony.

Temer was head of the Executive between 2016 and 2018, after the removal of former president Dilma Rousseff (PT). Moraes was Minister of Justice during the Emedebista administration and, in 2017, he was appointed to the position of Minister of the Supreme Court by him.

“All the intentional injustices that were committed against the government of President Michel Temer did not erase the success of his government. The approved reforms, which still make a difference today, the approved privatizations, the modernization of administration”, pointed out the minister.

The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) also stated that he is “greatly proud” to have participated in the Temer government. He highlighted that the former president is “a loyal friend”, “intelligent” and “extremely competent”.

Moraes was received with boos and “thanks, Xandão”

At the beginning of the event, Moraes was booed when he was announced to the public, but he also received support from some present and heard a “thanks, Xandão”. The president of the DF Chamber, deputy Wellington Luiz (MDB), defended the magistrate and asked for respect from the audience. “There is no one at this table who does not deserve applause. I want to make it very clear our affection and respect for Your Excellency, minister, for everything you have done for the Brazilian people”, highlighted the parliamentarian.

Right at the beginning of his speech, Moraes was interrupted by minister Dias Toffoli. “I was going to say that President Temer’s best act was to nominate him,” Toffoli told Corte’s colleague. Moraes took the opportunity to mock the boos he received: “There are people back there who wouldn’t like it very much. [da declaração de Toffoli]”.

In addition to Temer, the secretary of the DF Civil House, Gustavo do Vale Rocha, and the advisor to the National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP) Engels Augusto Muniz also received the title of honorary citizen of Brasília. Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) and vice-governor, Celina Leão (PP), also attended the event.

Temer says that the Executive does not rule Brazil alone

During his speech, former president Michel Temer (MDB) said that the Executive must abandon the centralizing idea about who is in charge in Brazil. “There are certain people who receive a position and think they were illuminated by a divine spark. We came to power through the will of the people”, highlighted Temer. The emedebista defended that it is necessary to have the “humility that the Constitution determines” and preach the principle of peace.

“Who is in charge in Brazil is not the Executive Power, who is in charge is the Executive together with the Legislative and together with the Judiciary. It is not without reason that there is a separation of powers… There is no point in wanting to make a pact, no, it is necessary to talk if the case, discuss project by project… I say, without fear of making mistakes, that if the Executive does not have the support of the Legislature, it cannot govern, right?”, said the former president


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