Minister wants debentures to finance infrastructure – 02/07/2024 – Panel SA

Minister wants debentures to finance infrastructure – 02/07/2024 – Panel SA

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira, asked that the Treasury include sustainable mining companies, producers of low-carbon hydrogen, biomass, biofuels, storage and carbon capture among the companies that will be able to raise funds through infrastructure debentures. The letter was also sent to the Civil House.

With the election, Minister Silveira intends to open another financing front for projects aligned with the transition and energy security policy.

Debentures are debt securities issued by companies to seek resources in the market to finance their investments. The buyer receives compensation for this.

Infrastructure debentures received stimulus from the government through a law from January this year that awaits regulation through a decree from the Ministry of Finance.

In the market, the expectation is that they will offer higher premiums than conventional debentures currently sold by commercial banks.

In addition to infrastructure debentures, intended for companies in this segment, there will be regulation for incentivized debentures, aimed at individuals.

The decree will define the criteria and conditions for framing and monitoring investment projects considered to be priorities in the infrastructure area.

With Diego Felix

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