Mega-Sena: bets in the region win more than R$50,000 in prizes; see locations

Mega-Sena: bets in the region win more than R,000 in prizes;  see locations

In the Lotofácil and Dia de Sorte draws, lucky people from the region also won. The minimum Mega-Sena bet costs R$5 Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil 38 bets from 14 cities in the region won more than R$50,000 in prizes in the Mega-Sena draw, held on Saturday (10). All games hit contest court 2,687. 📲 Join the g1 São Carlos e Araraquara channel on WhatsApp According to Caixa Econômica, the bets won R$ 1,270.15, with the exception of a lottery in Araraquara, made at Lotérica Ponto Certo, which won R$ 3,810.40. (Check out the other winning locations below) The numbers drawn were: 02 – 04 – 24 – 30 – 34 – 50. No bettor matched all six numbers and the prize totaled R$53 million. The next Mega-Sena draw takes place on Thursday (15) and the minimum bet costs R$5. Check out the places in the region with winning bets on the court: Araraquara – Cassimiro Loterias Araraquara – Lotérica Bolão da Sorte Araraquara – Lotérica Estrela da Sorte Araraquara – Lotérica Ponto Certo Araraquara – Sorte Esportiva Araras – Lotérica Belvedere Caconde – Lotérica Batana Itirapina – Lotérica Brilho da Sorte Leme – three bets placed online Leme – Lotérica Multi Prêmios Pirassununga – two bets placed at Vilela & Granhani Porto Ferreira – Porto Loterias Rio Claro – Lucky Lion Lotteries Rio Claro – Lotérica Aparecida Rio Claro – Lotérica Jardim das Palmeiras Rio Claro – Rio Claro Loterias Santa Cruz da Conceição – Lotérica Santa Cruz Santa Cruz das Palmeiras – Lotérica Palmeiras São Carlos – Lotérica Luck is Yours São Carlos – bet made online São Carlos – Lotérica Mega Sorte São Carlos – Loto Expressa São Carlos – Valor Loterias São João da Boa Vista – Big Sorte São João São João da Boa Vista – two bets placed on Mega Sorte São João São José do Rio Pardo – two bets placed on Lotérica Independência São José do Rio Pardo – Ponto dos Míveis Loterias São José do Rio Pardo – two bets placed on Rio Pardo Lotérica Vargem Grande do Sul – two bets placed on Conquista Loterias Vargem Grande do Sul – Isamar Sorte Para Você Lotofácil Bets from the region win at Lotofácil Carlos Henrique Dias/g1 Three bets from the region hit the post and matched 14 of the 15 numbers drawn in the 3,027 Lotofácil competition, held on Saturday (10), and won R$ 1,479.72 each. The games were held in the following locations: Itobi – Lotérica Ponto da Sorte Matão – Lotérica Pé Quente Rio Claro – Rio Claro Lotteries The numbers drawn were: 03 – 05 – 06 – 08 – 11 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20 – 22 – 23 – 25. No bettor matched the 15 tens and the prize totaled R$4 million. The next Lotofácil draw takes place on Wednesday (14). Lucky Day Bet from the region wins on Lucky Day Ana Marin/g1 A bet from São João da Boa Vista (SP) matched six numbers in contest 874 on Lucky Day and won R$ 2,795.45. The game was played at Big Sorte São João. The dozens drawn were: 09 – 11 – 16 – 18 – 23 – 27 – 28 and the lucky month was DECEMBER. No bettor matched all seven tens and the prize totaled R$1.4 million. The next Lucky Day draw will be on Wednesday (15). REVIEW VIDEOS FROM EPTV: See more news from the region on g1 São Carlos and Araraquara.

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